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Absolute non-sense

No signals what so ever...expensive contracts and idiotic customer service based in India who can hardly speak english and cant understand Brtish Accents at all..


This store is a slap on British people faces

I never buy anything from Primark except my undergarments and guess what, they don't even last for a week or so, Either they get torned or just smell bad...
this store is earning huge in terms of turnover and retail franchise, I think they need to spend more on quality of products. The number of people who are using primark stuff is huge and has a huge market but they products are useless, there is no bigger slap then this one coz what they think is British Public is idiot and stupid and they can get away with it........Hope this review makes a change


Absolute Non-sense & a Modern Day Scam

Virgin Media is absolute non-sense, I joined Virgin Media as an employee and was sent to Cheltenham for Training, which was absolute non-sense and had nothing to do with the position offered. After training, went on to work., realised that they are lieing about their offers and dragging brown copper cables to people houses, the 6 month half price tag is also a scam as the prices are changing everyday. out of 5 clients I brought, 3 cancelled as he was told later that his price is changed. Faced numerous problems as I was working without my ID and proper gear, No appreciation form manager, instead very pressurising and not encouraging. More than half of UK is not Fibre optic and virgin media ads in TV and newspapers advertise completely different, something which doesn't happen there. Not a friendly culture at all. All people on training left after doing 2 weeks of work for one reason or another......So stay warned guys & not to Buy any products if you love ur life and hard earned money...

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