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Easy to save pots of money by shopping with in your postcode.

The fact that this site links to your postcode makes it amazing. I found out that shopping at my local instore supermarket was cheaper than the super store. This site is easy to set up and updates on a daily basis so has every thing at your finger tips. Comaprisons are set out and easy to view. Love the shopping list facility that allows you to store you regular shop and get auto updates. Site also has a coupon area you can print out more savings coupons.
All in all a easy to navigate and use site, with many savings ideas.


Awesome way to pay and keep in touch with your transactions.

I have always used paypal when i can as it keeps you in touch with e-mails about your transactions and is very accountable if things go worong. I have used pay pal for 4 years and have never had a bad payment. They are easy to change your card details if you have to and billing and delivery addresses are easy to change. For instance if you want to send soemthing to a friend you just put their address in the delivery adress slot.
I would reccomend having a pay pal account to any one, as this is often a good guide to a seller as to your being a good customer as well as a safe system of paying.


Love google as it has fun pages as well as a pure search engine.

I have tried many search engines and always come back to google. I use chrome and just google as i tend to keep my info pages seperate from my search pages and find that works well on my computer. Chrome is great for news links and things like my weather bug for llocal weather forcasts. I have never had problems wit google on desktop, lap top, or tablets.
One litle grumble i do have is that the corrective search gadget does tend to be way off sometimes. But that said it has made me moe precie in what i search.


Love my youtube channel, hate new layout, love the how to vids.

I have been using yout tube for about 3 years now i love the ease of search and the way which tube suggests other things you may want to view. I do however have a major grumble why did they change the channel lay out i find it clunky and slow to post to it.
It is amazing what you find i mostly look at how to vids and tube has an amazing network of people willing to share their knowledge with the net. I have looked at make up how tos, how to repair my land rover, how to make garden slabs, and all sorts, and have always found some helpful information.
Its not all about lol cats of posing mates drunken exploits. There is a lot more youtube than that.


Great site but have to be careful and look at negative ratings to check out sellers.

Ebay is great to find things at a price you can afford but as far as i am concerened buyer beware. Excercise common snense if a deal looks too good to be true it is often a con, quality may not be what it appears to be.
My one bit of advive is look at sellers feed back and chack the negative feed backs as this can often give you and idea of how a seller behaves with the customers .
I have braught many things on ebay over a period of 9 years and never had a bad transaction. That said i am very fussy who i buy from and only ever use paypal to pay.
Ebay is a great market site but in the end you get what you pay for.


Basic infromation easy to find, room for improvement with more obscure items

I use the microsoft web site often as i use a lot of programmes that need up dating. If i need a product that isnt currently in the catalogue takes a long tiume to find it. Odviously micrsoft want you to buy/downlaod their latest products , but those with older computers cant always support the latest products. I use xp still and am finding it harder to get the suport on this web site. I hope that i can continue using the provider web site for support, as i prefer to use the originator that a virused 3rd party. On the whole id reccomend going to the micrsoft site than any other with the caveat it may be difficult to find what you need there.


Great variety of things form all walks of life.

Love to buy from amazon and have got many things cheaper than on the high street. The only draw back is that product descriptions can sketchy to non existent sometimes and i have had to look up the product else where to get proper information then buy it on amazon. That said they have often been the best priced for items on the net.
I have braught many e-books on amazon and find that the selection offered is amazing, but again the product information is very hit and miss. I would prefer a page count or word count as to pay pounds for a 10 page short story is not my idea of value.
I have looked at health remedies on amazon but the lack of information has stopped me buying, no in grediets list or stregnth levels for the product i looked up.

Garden Best Buys

Good product, great info, quick posting, great site.

The site has a great selecetion of products that i am finding it hard to find locally. I braught some algae killer for my water features and it worked a treat . Id defianatly reccomend this product and the site to those who need a little more that chain stores can provide. They have a great selection of solar items and other evirnmentally friendly items that you cant buy on the high street.

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Mary Ellen Bunyan
Female, 1963
Deal England, United Kingdom


I am a internet addict. Love searching for best buys and fun things , keep in touch with social networks, contribute with interest groups. Basically life on the net lol. That said i do go outside and wouldnt melt in the sun lol