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Why i LOVE eCrater

I was very shocked and surprised to see so many negative reviews about eCrater. I have been an online jewelry retailer for seven years now. eCrater was one of my first ventures and it remains one of my top selling sites. I network with MANY eCrater sellers and i have found them to be extremely dedicated and passionate about what they do. From a seller persepctive eCrater is one of the easier sites to list on and the company submits EVERY sellers listings to Google product search three times a week. Unlike many other listing sites (eBay) that cater to the big sellers at the expense of the smaller sellers, every retailer on eCrater is treated equally. From the buyers perspective, it is simple to finalize your purchase with PayPal or Google Wallet. It is easy to contact the seller and it is easy to keep all sellers honest by leaving feedback! For the customer who has had a negative experience with an eCrater seller i would say don't judge all sellers from one negative experience with one seller. You will find many sellers on eCrater who have made hundreds of sales and they have a 100% positive feedback score! So to paint all sellers on eCrater as dishonest is simply NOT the case and sellers who begin listing on eCrater who ARE dishonest quickly fall by the wayside! I trust eCrater sellers more than eBay sellers and i would buy merchandise off eCrater before i would buy from ANYWHERE else!

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