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Better than ""

Back in 2012 I wrote a review on and gave them 4* This was prior to learning about Redspottedhanky. I've only used this site twice to book train tickets so far and the process is painless and TRANSACTION FEE FREE!!!! So no more paying £1.50 per transaction - as I used to with

My only gripe about RSH is that when you are going through the process of selecting the train option, you need to know where you're being routed AHEAD of actually purchasing the tickets. It's not good enough to see whether I go via ROUTE A or ROUTE B on the PAYMENT CONFIRMATION SCREEN. This is my only issue and when fixed I'll update this review and give it a 5*


Always Impressed at the Speed!!

These guys are sometimes on the over priced side but when they have deals / discounts running, they can be very good. You have to be quick though, some of the deals only last 24 hrs. Delivery is super fast. How things should be when ordering online. What ever they're doing I hope it continues for a long time to come!!!


Longterm Customer, Not very happy right now....

I've been with HSBC since it was Midland Bank PLC! It was where my Dad took me to open my first bank account when I was just a child.

At the beginning of June I was able to successfully log into my current account via the online portal they have. No problems.... come the end of the Month, my online access is no longer in place. Several failed attempts to access my account resulted in the account becoming blocked. So I've called the Customer Services and the person on the end of the phone can't tell me why my account is no longer accessible online. She can see there has been an instruction to remove the service.... but it didn't come from ME - the account holder, and just so you know, I run a pretty good account! Anyway, I'm given the option to go into a branch to pick up one of their security devices to access the online service or have it sent out to me. OK, but still doesn't answer the question - Why was my access removed in the first place. I await the response from their "investigations team". Not impressed.


Keep the good experiences coming!

I've used many times to book a variety of experiences / theatre tickets / spa days etc.

I find the process to be very easy, logical and informative when needing to find out information about a given event listed on the website before committing. Buy with confidence from this retailer.


One person saved things otherwise a lower rating!

Recently taken out 2 contracts with Three, a mobile phone contract and broadband contract.

Phone first, I've been pretty impressed so far wti the service I've received. The website is easy to navigate and when I've needed to speak with someone on the phone they've been very helpful and knowledgeable.

Broadband was a very different experience, the lady in the store was a bit clueless and tried to sell me something that wasn't in the system at that time - therefore not able to process a transaction. So that option was quickly withdrawn from the list of options available to purchase on the day. The deal I purchased was a rolling contract, 30 days cancellation notice. I wanted to TEST their service for that initial 30 days and THEN if I was happy, take out a new contract. So my aim was to cancel the service on the day of purchase, thus giving the company the 30 days notice they required.

Trying to get through to someone to make this happen was like trying to get blood out of a stone. After 4 telephone calls (3 of which were cut off) I finally found someone who was able to help and talk things through with me. I won't go into the specifics but I will say that after that conversation THREE and I were best budies again. Though I was on the verge of cancelling everything and taking back the broadband items I'd purchased.

So a mixed review here.... Customer Service wasn't brilliant but one person turned things around for me. Because of that I'll rate their service 3. Could do with some training of their telephone staff in helpfullness and knowledge.


Average.... Lots of room for improvement

I know these guys get a bad reputation for all the things they do and don't do, but so far I've had an OK experience with them. Didn't much like the idea of being tied in for 2yrs after they took over my previous phone / internet supplier but touch wood the service (not customer service.... line service) had been acceptable.

Customer service - on the few occasions I've had to call them, I've managed to get through to a human being fairly quickly. Peak times are to be avoided though and with it not being an 0800 telephone number, that does grate somewhat! BT have an 0800 number to speak with Customer Services... why can't these guys? Oh and nuisance callers, why do I have to PAY to block sales calls? In a round about way it's as if they are sponsoring the cold callers - I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

Similar to a commonly heald belief that the Antivirus companies are behind the viruses.... to get us to buy their software. True / False? Who knows! I give them a 3* for now until they demonstrate outstanding service in one way shape or form.

Great, easy to use website

I almost always buy my train tickets through Their website is straightforward and easy to use. Great if you complete the same journey over and over, the site allows you to save trips you're likely to make over and personalise them. If buying way in advance, take advantage of the cheaper tickets on the site.


No Problems!

Only used these guys twice, once to arrange an ebay purchase to be collected fromt he seller and then delivered to mine. The second time to send some items to the US.

These guys didn't let me down and were great when I needed to speak with someone - a human on the phone about my deliveries. What was a nice touch is the discount off the first transaction you complete with them. They're good guys, and competitive too!

You could do much much worse when selecting a carrier to transport your items!!

Never had a problem!

I really like Expedia, I've used them to book a few holidays now and not just for myself either. Their website in my opinion is very easy to navigate, and the booking process is great too. I also like the nectar points available when you book a holiday / flight / hotel etc!

You can't really ask for more. Get booking!


I'm Impressed with their service

I've used Eflorist a few times over the past few years, birthdays, valentine's days and special occasions (sending flowers to the new girlfriend's place of work).

They've never and I mean NEVER let me down. I've managed to get photos of the end product after delivery and I can hand on heart say that what I ordered on the website - is what my intended received through the service. That's impressive when you consider as a website they use local florists around the country to fulfill the orders placed (that's my understanding anyway).

I will continue to use these guys and can offer up a different voice to some of the other reviews left for this retailer.


Must do better - a whole lot better!!!

I don't have much positive to say about these guys. They supply both my electric and gas and for the first 6+ months they never sent me a bill / invoice to indicate my usage. The Direct Debits were being taken and added to my online account with them... the balance just grew and grew until I realised and called them. Apparently they were having issues with their IT and I - the consumer was unable to view my bills online, the website either timed out or 404 errored whenever I tried to check back at the calculations for my usage in the early months.

After calling Customer Services to resolve the problem, I was told I'd be called back once the staff were able to do a calculation of my usage. Needless to say this DID NOT HAPPEN and instead the credit balance I was accruing was almost entirely eaten up by a calculation to this day I have no idea was calculated. I still do not have the paperwork (pdf form) available online to be able to review my usage over that period. Another company that needs to get it's IT "house" in order.


Some IT improvements required - Perfect Pizza otherwise!

My subject inadvertently refers to another Pizza supplier - however this review is 100% about Dominos.....

I enjoy Dominos over some of the other Pizza delivery companies. Their website is easy to navigate and says it offers the option to name a create your own pizza so you can come back and order it again in the future without having to remember the toppings. I've never been able to successfully get this to work. Also the website never stores my details properly, I'm always having to update one of the contact fields for it to accept my e-mail address. This needs to be fixed.

The Pizzas from Dominos are second to none (in my view) one thing they don't need to change - in fact I urge you not to change a thing!!! Just need to get your IT sorted then I'll be a 5* happy bunny.

Used Once... Looking forward to the next experience

I used these guys for a Spa Treatment, the order process was straightforward, easy and very informative. I like the way you can leave reviews on the website for other potential customers to read before buying a service from a given provider. It's these small touches that make the consumer buy with confidence.

I've not seen any spa treatments locally that I'd like to take advantage of recently but still check out the regular e-mails. These guys are good in my book! Thank you :o)


Great Service - Nice simple touches

I like the guys at Wowcher, they're deals are generally on for slightly longer than at other daily deals websites I could mention. The one touch I like most about their specific site is that you receive a reminder close to the expiry date for your vouchers if you've not used them yet. A simple touch but something that makes a whole heap of difference. I like it! Thank you :o) and keep up the great work!!!

Groupon UK

Providing a stella service

I've used these guys for a while now and like what they do, they've given me the opportunity to try new restaurants / experiences around London that I wouldn't necessarily have done otherwise. Keep up the great work!!!


If I could rate them ZERO I would

These guys are a joke. I successfully placed an order online and was given a delivery date. I was having my bathroom redecorated and had booked some guys to do the work around that date, so wanted to make sure everything happened in the correct order.

I'm not going to list every single exchange I had with this company but I will tell you that their customer service / web support team are worse than useless. The order never came in time for the job to start, I had to visit 3 stores to fulfill the order and purchase a SECOND set of tiles to enable to people I employed to do the job to keep things moving forward... instead of them sitting on their hands waiting for a delivery that turned up on day 4 of a 5 day job.

These jokers were unable to track a simple order within their systems and give me a direct answer as to where my tiles were in the delivery process. They lost my confidence and trust and I will never use them again. They also failed to accept responsibility when I wrote a letter of complaint. If ever anyone asks me for a recommendation for purchasing tiles, I'll be sure to make them aware of my story when it comes to the Jokers that are Topps Tiles.


Some improvements needed

I've purchased from these guys twice, my first purchase included a "Free Gift" that turned out to be a Sports Direct oversized Mug. Inadequate packaging meant by the time the goods and gift were received, the mug was in many pieces.

As a point of principle, I contacted the Customer Services department to let them know the order had arrived and that the Mug was damaged in transit. My first few e-mails did not receive any response. I eventually received an apology and confirmation that a new Mug would be sent as a replacement....... I'm still waiting for that replacement (6+ months).

Second order with these guys saw one of my items delivered with a stain on it - not sure what the stain was but it was on a sports top in a place that was clear to be seen. I contacted Customer Services again and eventually received a response to return the goods either for a refund or exchange. I never did, the stain washed out but there should be some form of check on stock before it's sent out to customers. I don't expect to receive goods that are marked and THEN have to deal with returns / exchanges. I should be able to deal with a store when this happens providing I can show my delivery note / invoice along with the goods purchased. Customer's shouldn't have to go through all this hassle. Make it easy for us..... PLEASE!

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5* Memory Professionals!

These guys have NEVER let me down. Always quick to ship goods, and they always work first time. On one ocassion, I had to call their customer services department after a promotion failed to register within my transaction. Being the professionals that they are, they honoured the promotion and allowed my sale to go through as I had expected it to (discounted from the list price). These are good, trustworthy guys. Buy with 100% confidence.


Good People - doing a great job

I've used a few Cashback websites in the past and none come close to TopCashBack when comparing professionalism, cashback rate, customer service and communication.

The team are always helpful and always responsive. Naturally it's not always going to be a positive outcome - cashback is sometimes rejected or delayed. But from my experience overall, I feel the team are always trying their best to work towards a positive outcome. There are a lot of cowboys out there, TopCashBack are one of the good guys. Add them to your Facebook. Ask questions of them, they do respond and you will get answers. I may sound somewhat biased but I've been with them for a few years now and have had 98% positive outcomes from my exchanges / cashback requests / claims.

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