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One of the worst customer experiences I've had in a long time - but at least they tried to sort things out

What can I say? came highly recommended by a friend and the many good online reviews. However, my experience has been, to be frank, a complete nightmare.

Day 1: Placed order online - received on screen confirmation, but no email confirmation of order being placed or payment.
Day 3: Emailed to ask whether my order had been received as I could see nothing on my invoices page (and still no email confirmation). Told that my order hadn't been received and I should try re-ordering.
Day 4: Placed another order - again, seemed to work OK, but again no email confirmations and no sign on my account page that any order had been placed.
Day 5: Contacted - told this time that both orders had gone through OK and I had been charged twice - one would be refunded. Also told they would sort my account page out so I could see my orders (this hasn't happened)
Day 6: No products received (first order was meant to arrive by day 5 according to web site). Emailed Got no response. Phoned them - this time I was told that one item had been printed and was on its way, as for the rest, there were two orders on hold because there was a problem with the artwork and I needed to resubmit it.

Why did it take 4 contacts with for someone to tell me what was actually going on? I have now wasted a week, and with a book launch coming up have no marketing materials. I have paid twice, I have no written confirmations or receipts, half of my emails were not responded to, I was given conflicting information each time I contacted them, I've spent hours of my life trying to place an order and I'm left not being sure what will turn up, what won't turn up, or how much I will eventually get charged. What I do know is this is the worst bit of customer service I've experience in years.

I would not normally consider posting such a negative view without first giving a company an opportunity to put things right - however, I am so annoyed and my experience has been so bad that I'm not convinced it would make much difference. Sorry, but this really, really is not good enough.

Will I be using again? You decide.

Update (two weeks on). I've now revised my review up to 2* (maybe 2.5 at a push). After such a damning review, I quickly had the helpful Laura from Printed keen to help which at least was a positive step. Two weeks on I've received some of the goods in time for the launch (but not all) and the quality is good. However, it's taken 2 weeks and 20-30 emails / calls to get this far and I'm still not entirely clear on what the problem (or problems) were. Based on my experience, I still doubt if I would use them again, and it's been such a hasstle its hard to give more than two stars - although Laura, I appreciate your hard work at trying to sort things, Plenty of great reviews about on here, and I'm genuinely sorry I'm not able to provide one.

07 April 2014

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Hi Gary,

I am really sorry that you have had this experience. But pleased that we managed to rectify you problems and get your cards to you in time for your book launch.

I hope you are pleased with your cards.

Kindest Regards


What a great find!

Having family living in Italy it's always been a complete nightmare trying to get gifts to them - posting gifts from the UK is expensive and living in rural Italy even Amazon doesn't work (as the couriers refuse to deliver). Sending cash in the post is never a good idea and transferring cash using a bank is horribly expensive so refuse to use it. What to do instead? Well, I read about Transferwise and thought it was a brilliant idea - tried it out with a small cash transfer which worked fine so have now used it for a larger amount. Only a £1 to transfer cash, a reasonable exchange rate and the cash arrived safely in just a couple of days (which is amazing for Italy!). So, after using it twice I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to others. Great job Transferwise!

Excellent service - only one minor issue away from 5* - would still highly recommend

Easy to use web site, quick friendly response to a query, good price, fast delivery. and dealt very promptly and efficiently with a return. The only small issue was that I didn't seem to get my postage repaid from the return - but only a minor issue and wouldn't stop me recommending.


So good i've tried them twice

After moving away from First Direct to Santander I soon regretted it - Santander were a nightmare and I seem to spend most of my time on the phone listening to music. What a relief to be back with First Direct - normal friendly people answering the phone within seconds, fast efficient and enjoyable doing business with them. At a time when banking has such a bad name, what a relief to find a company that really seems to understand customer service.

Pet Supermarket

Good price but delivery not the fastest

Prices are good but took over a week to arrive - a bit long in my buying-online experience.

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