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Great prices and plenty of flights

There's a lot not to like about Ryanair (attitude to customers, dropping routes without warning and the bloody fanfare when you arrive on time - of course you do if you allow 3 hours for a 2 1/2 hour flight; do you think we're stupid Michael?) but the fact is they've made it possible to go to places at affordable prices that you just couldn't do without them. And if you understand the system (hand luggage only for example) you can keep the cost ridiculously low.
What people need to understand is that a Ryanair flight is not an exotic adventure - it's a bus with wings on. If you think of it like that you'll realise what a good deal it is. But the attitude should change (but actually it probably couldn't while Michael O'Leary is at the helm)

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Generally excellent but slipped up recently

On the whole I have been very happy with the service and have come to rely on the Pharmacy2U email reminder to place my order. But then, after one on April 30th, I heard nothing for 7 weeks and it was only when I was nearly out that I realised my order was overdue. The reminder system has been reinstated for me and I've had an assurance it won't happen again but - without an explanation of how it happened and how that problem has been fixed - I no longer have the confidence I used to.

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