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MOT Possible Scam

I took my car in for a MOT seeing as they were local, cheapest and could book online.
I am a mechanic and did a full car service the day before it was going in for an examination, the very last thing I did was to check every bulb on the car was working which they were.
The next day I drove the less than 10 minute journey to the test and waited to be told that it had initially failed but they replaced 3 bulbs to get it through the test costing approximately £10.
When asked what bulbs had failed they said the 2 back lights and one brake light had, which were 100% working as I had checked them the day before.
One bulb blowing on the way would be bad luck but all 3......not likely.
Either way I could not say anything as they went ahead and put the bulbs in without telling me so just as well I did not have some spare myself and even luckier I had £10 on me.
Now the question is......Have they done me a favour or charged me for jobs that were not necessary?????

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