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Good value, if it fits!

Ordered a few times from here now. Was shocked that everything was £5, some of the clothes I recognised from a leading high street retail store. However, I found that it is very hit and miss with sizing. Things tend to be on the large size. I also ordered a watch and when it arrived it did not work so had to send it back along with the clothes that did not fit. You do have to pay for the returns postage, I paid through paypal and was refunded within a few days, much better than some other mail order companies that take weeks to refund you. All in all great value and will use again.

Bags ETC


Ordered two backpacks on Wednesday evening and they arrived today (Friday).
20% off, free postage. I had a text Thursday evening to tell me when it would arrive the next day or had the option to change it to another day. This morning I had a text to give me an hour delivery slot 8.30-9.30, with the drivers name. He arrived at 8.37. Fantastic service. Just hope the products are as good.

Order cancelled

On 29 Dec I saw a deal online regarding James Wellbeloved Adult Cat Food Fish [ 6 x 300g ] for £2.60. I paid with Paypal and the order went through and I got an acknowledgement (as above). On 3 Jan I received an email to say that there had been a pricing error and the order was cancelled and I was to be refunded. They did, of course, quote the T&C of placing an order so anyone placing the order just has to put up and shut up.
Regardless of this I found it very irritating and extremely bad customer service that they did not fulfil the order as a gesture of goodwill. I have never ordered from them before and would certainly not order from them again.

07 January 2014

Reply from

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your review.

Once again, please accept our sincere apologies for all the inconvenience caused by this unfortunate error. I can see from your comments that you have already discussed the matter and received our explanatory email.

However, to answer your comment about honouring the order as a gesture of goodwill, I'm afraid this would not be financially viable. As I'm sure you can appreciate, we had thousands of customers placing orders for the product in large quantities. The financial hit we would end up taking from honouring all those orders would mean that we would not be able to keep our prices as competitive as we currently do; nor would we be able to offer the kinds of special offers and discounts we do on a regular basis.

Cancelling all the affected orders was therefore an unfortunate yet necessary decision made to ensure that we can continue offering customers the opportunity to buy our much-needed products at affordable prices.

Kind regards,



Very?, should be NOT Very!

horrible experience from day one.
discount was not applied for new order One item was faulty, called them and was told the item had now increased in price, they would resend and if I decided to keep it I would have to call again to get the discounted price! Ridiculous. The MOST horrible user unfriendly accounts page. Customer service staff leave you hanging on the phone while they go and ask someone, what is the point of them answering the phone if they cant make a decision? It was difficult to understand what they were saying and i had to aske them to repeat/repeat/repeat. Returned faulty item was not credited to my account as the correct item. Numberous telephone calls (all costing extra money).I tried the online chat to get it sorted but was told they do not deal with that sort of thing! Tweeted my displeasure Twitter staff told me that the email is not the registered one on my account, when it is! . Then I had another email from Twitter team asking me what the problem was. Total chaos.
Despite having some decent items and competetive price, will probably not use Very again, plenty of mail order companies out there but sadly Direct Home Shopping is a large group involving many well known shops. From a lot of the reviews here it seems that CS is lacking, I wonder if Very ever take the time to read the reviews and maybe in the future will invest in some staff training.

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without a washing machine for a week!

have an extended warranty on my washing machine. Called service dept and was told by a very rude woman that it would be a week before the engineer could call. I later found out from the engineer that they usually call within 2 days. I have to say the engineer was excellent!

Vax Ltd

Very stressed!

Ordered a vacuum cleaner in their 'yard sale' and paid for delivery. after 2 weeks and 2 emails (with no response from them) I called them, extremely disappointed with outcome. So i went to Twitter. At least it got a reaction! Finally someone took notice and sent me an 'upgraded' vacuum cleaner AND refunded my postage. I have to say the cleaner works great but it is very heavy and awkward. I probably wouldnt buy their product again.

Watch Shop

Great customer service

Bought a fab watch from there. Found a 5% discount voucher online. Delivered free the next day. Had a small problem (so I thought). Phoned customer service, who immediately sent out a prepaid bag to return the item. As it turned out I didnt have to. Great range of products at good prices.

Eon Uk

3 stars only because of the twitter team!

I had an account with eon for some years that went smoothly then I 'switched' to another provider and then switched back. Despite calls almost every day, It took Eon 6 months to get it right. I was getting letters almost every day saying one thing or another, the stress was unbelievable. I decided to 'tweet' my dissatisfaction and from then on my experience was totally different. I have to say, if I could rate EON twitter team it would be 5+ stars but the general customer service, dont have a clue. Try it, it might work for you and your problem. To be fair, I was given compensation of credit to my account by AM of the Twitter team, who was amazing and kept on top of things until it seemed to be sorted (yesterday 25/3/13) But we will see.
Keep up the good work 'Twelpers' (esp AM)


Lovely waterproof bag

I was doubtful in ordering this bag but it was from ebay so went ahead. It is a bag used for nappies/wet clothing and just perfect for what I wanted.
Knowing it was coming from HK I realised it would take some time. Well, the bag was shipped the same day and arrived 10 days later, cant ask fairer than that. The bag looks just the way it is on the pic.
I have received a follow up email from the company offering 15% discount from any purchase made from their site. Will go and look to see if there is anything else I like.
Very happy customer!


good products

Good products are offered at good prices. However, there are not many local ones offered, they are mainly in London (where I dont live). I have purchased a couple of wowchers and each one has worked out well.


Fantastic service and delivery

After searching the internet for a suitable light for my living room and seeing that the one I wanted was about the same price everywhere. I called Castlegatelights to ask a specific question about the product I wanted to order. As they did not have the light in stock, the assistant said he would order it and check it when it came in the following day and then call me to let me know.
Sure enough, the following day, I received the phone call and my question was answered. I ordered the light and it arrived the next day (free delivery). One fantastic thing about the delivery is that they email you in the morning and tell you within an hour when you can expect delivery so you are not waiting in all day! Would have no hesitation to recommend Castlegatelights to anyone and everyone.


Bought some perfume from here. Very well priced compared to Boots..etc.


Hit and Miss

I use Asda all the time as its the most local to me. The range of products is good and well priced. I also like the website.
However, the customer service in the store leaves a lot to be desired.
Only this week I was made to feel like a criminal (twice) as I wanted to use vouchers to pay for the shopping. They FINALLY accepted them and as I was leaving the store, the alarm sounded and was stopped my a burly security guard asking me to show my receipt. They had forgotten to remove a security tag..very very embarrassing.

The Book People


Not used the site but use the 'book man' who comes around places of work. Fantastic range of books at great prices. Usually end up buying everyone a book for Christmas...who doesnt love books?


Love this site

Use this site a lot. Lots of offers in a range of sizes

Be careful!

Bought some crocs off their site, when I unapcked was a 5 and one was a 6..They did exchange them (of course) and offered me £20 off another order. the one thing, the shoes smelled a bit odd, this did wear off.



being on the voluptuous side, I used to use EVANS a lot but find them totally overpriced. They used to have a monopoly on larger sized clothes but thankfully that is not true now. I tend to use other sites and only use EVANS for the odd thing I cant find elsewhere.



Use next for clothes and homewear. I have collected from the store and each time they ask for different things to prove my identity...weird.
I get an email stating one thing, when I get to the store, its another thing. Get your act together! They do have nice things though, and reasonably priced

T Mobile

my own phone provider

I have had a love hate relationship with Tmob for about 3 years now. They mess up big time and then apologise and offer you a carrot to stay with them. I once didnt have service for a month and they kept saying it was my phone..but of course it wasnt!
Generally the customer service is extremely poor. Only twice in the three years I have been with them can I say that I had GREAT customer service (and dont even get me started on the new South African guys they have working for them!)
If they dont offer exactly what you want...look elsewhere


You pay extra for some films

I had an offer with one of those daily deal companies. £6 for 3 months unlimited streaming and 2 films at home. I really enjoyed it, even though I do not watch many films. However, once you have had one 'offer' you cant sign up for the free month or any other daily deal offer.
It worked really well for me and saw films I wouldnt necessarily watch and caught up on some that I had wanted to see. However, the very latest films are only available if you pay extra...per film. Not fair!



I really like this site and have saved myself money using the offers they have. They send you a weekly email with all sorts of interesting stuff. Worth signing up for.

Covent Garden FX


Used this company for the first time last week. Could not complete my order on the website so gave them a call. Agent I spoke with dealt with my order fast and efficently.
Was advised if the money was paid my 2pm the currency would arrive the next day...and it did!
Great service and good exchange rates too.


great service

Have had three parcels delivered by yodel this week.(november 2013) The delivery drivers were very pleasant and polite. I had texts to say that the parcels were going to be delivered and could track them online. The only thing is that they cannot give a time..just up until 9pm (which is a very long day to wait in). One text message I got gave the drivers phone number but I did not use it as I was in anyway. If they could narrow the delivery time down they would be fantastic.


Good, sometimes

Sky can be horrid, sky can be great. Have had various dealings with them over the years I have been with them and I am still with them so it must say something!
Its nice sometimes to get someone who knows what they are talking about and how to give good customer service, sadly, this does not happen often but I just keep calling until I get someone.

Diet Chef

Great food at great prices

Have been using dietchef for a while now and am so glad they have been introducing more 'food of the world'
I enjoy the food and find it good value for money, no mess, no waste and delicered to your door..what more can you ask for?


Easy to use and love the click and collect

Love the click and collect, dont have to wait in the queues to pay. They send you a text to remind you to collect love love it!
Oh yeah, the range of goods is good too


Love paypal!

I love paypal, use it a lot. I do wish it would be a bit easier to navigate the site.

Premier Inn

Great value but parking is a rip off

Stayed at the Premier Inn Terminal 5 Heathrow. Great value and good food in the restaurant and fantastic value if you book the 'meal deal'
There is a free bus to Terminal 5 or you can pay the shuttle at £4.50.
The parking is £12 per night....yes..£12! A total ripoff.

Worth a look

Booked a weekend away for me and partner, had a great deal. I even tried to phone the hotel direct but the price was still better on Laterooms.

Great to compare

I have booked through expedia and found that they are marginly more expensive than other sites, however, you do get the choice of flight time.



My partner just flew with BA, booking was easy and the flights to and from were on time. While on board, was given nice food and well taken care of.


Great site

am a great fan of Tripadvisor and always review trips made!
I do worry that people can be 'overpicky'. They want 5* places at 1* prices...doesnt work that way.

Groupon UK

Sadly, not for me!

I bought a few groupon vouchers and sadly not one of them worked out well for me. Its usually that the company offering the groupon are not able to fulfill it.

Just Eat

Great site

Use Justeat regularly and can always find something good to eat from the variety of restaurants they have.

03 July 2012

Reply from

Hi msna,

Firstly, I'm happy to see your a regular customer to Just Eat and that you are happy with your local takeaways. I would also like to thank you for leaving a review for us, all customer feedback is important to us.

Kind regards,

Preena Kamle
Social Media Consultant


Great customer service!

Recently bought an O2 simcard on ebay that was a number I wanted but as I am with Tmob (dont get me started on them!) I had to transfer the new number. I contacted O2 customer service and the lady I spoke with was absolutely delightful!
My son is an O2 customer and is always on to me to change to I wish I had before taking out a new contract with Tmob.


Love amazon!

Love amazon! you can usually find what you want at a reasonable price. Have bought hundreds of things from there and only once had to contact them, a replacement was sent immediately.
Update on this review March 2013. Still enjoying a fab love affair with Amazon. Had to contact them again regarding a small problem, it was sorted within the hour. Just love the 'we will call you' service. Well done!

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