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Scan Computers

Poor customer service

I ordered a PC from Scan computers, from the 'Value System Range - Ready to Ship!' selection. I am in dire need as my current PC is distinctly unwell, and I work shifts; I made sure I asked for next day delivery, and indeed paid the premium for a 'Before Noon' service. I didn't just order the PC - I ordered monitors and a stand for them as well, making sure that absolutely everything I ordered was showing as being in stock so there wouldn't be any issues.

I ordered the computer before 9am this morning, and received an email acknowledging the order. The funds were taken out of my bank account, I received an email confirming payment, and then I heard nothing more for the rest of the working day.

Assuming my PC would arrive tomorrow, as promised and paid for, I got on with everything else that needs doing on a day off-shift.

At 5:20pm this evening I received the following email (direct cut-and-paste):

I am very sorry for the delay in dispatching your Value system, due to popular demand we temporally ran out of stock and as such was unable to fulfil your order.

I can confirm that we will ship your systyem tomorrow for next day delivery.

I do apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you need any further information.

I tried calling Scan immediately, but their line went straight to a 'This service is unavailable' message.

I'm on shift on that day. I will be at work for twelve hours during the day, which is why I'd paid the premium to be absolutely sure it would arrive tomorrow and checked that everything was in stock according to their website.

They had the whole day to contact me and try to come to some arrangement, but instead I got a hastily-written and badly-spelled email either as or after their phone lines closed.

I believe this would be considered poor customer service in anyone's book. I won't be off shift again until next week.

I've ordered multiple systems from them in the past for business use and never had a problem, but this is unacceptable.

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