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5 Star Service....and Prices!!

I Purchased a Berghaus Jacket recently that has exceeded all expectations. The communication and delivery time were very prompt from "The Hut" and the Berghaus jacket I purchased had 60% off!!......so good was my first order that I placed a second order for the same jacket!

BMB Hatchbag

Good Product, Satisfactory Fit With Robust Boot Protection

I was pointed towards "Hatchbag" by a Audi forum member who gave his full recommendation. Having independently researched high and low to ascertain the "Best" boot liner on the market I have to conclude that Hatchbag appears to have engineered the best quality boot liner available in the UK based on customer feedback and popularity. As the new owner of a "split" Hatchbag bootliner for my 2013 Audi A4 Avant I can vouch for other customers views and opinions. However, 2 issues have prevented me awarding 5 stars. The 1st issue relates to what is a preventable anoyance and that is the white "stress" and "crease" marks that are evident in my bootliner which are due to the manner in which the liners are packaged for dispatch. My liner actually arrived with the polythene bag actually torn and the liner half hanging out! Message to Hatchbag - Is it possible to roll up the liners prior to dispatch to prevent this unsightly issue occurring?.....or maybe a rethink on better packaging protection.....Cardboard Tube?
The 2nd issue was that prior to ordering my Hatchbag I enquired if a OEM base liner would fit on top of the Hatchbag to offer greater protection. The reply was yes. Unfortunately I can confirm that although the OEM liner fits on top of the hatchbag it is not a snug fit, which may neccessitate me removing it.
Overall the advantages of having the Hatchbag fitted far out weigh the disadvantages. Would I buy another Hatchbag or recommend this product?......a resounding Yes!

24 March 2013

Reply from hatchbag.co.uk

Hi David

Thank you for the thought and time that you have put into your review.

We do manufacture and supply our own range of mats that are designed to fit inside our liners. When an order includes a Rubber Mat or a pair of HatchBed Mats (or both)- the mats and liner are rolled together and then shipped in a bag that we manufacture.

There is not normally a problem with an OEM mat fitting in our liners and we do not advise against using them as most fit without a probelm. Perhaps you can send me a photo of where yours is not fitting?

It sounds as if your order may have received some rough treatment in transit with FedEx - we are currently looking at both cost and packaging on shipment for both the UK and Worldwide.

Bedroom Pleasures

Close this site down!!!

I am yet another innocent customer who was drawn in by the false advertising of this company. Again goods instock (supposedly), delivery promised in 1-3 days, no answers to e-mail and no answer to telephone calls.
I have now involved my credit card company but this unfortunately can take months!!
I presummed this was a genuine website (so have thousands of others it appears) it was only by not recieving any response to my e-mails after 2 days and being met by a never ending engaged tone or ringing tone on the customer service contact number that I suspected fraudulent activity.
There is a saying that what goes around comes around I sincerely hope the cockney tossers who own this business get there come uppance given all the inconvenience so many genuine customers have suffered at the hands of these fraudsters.

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