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Great products - Great site

Very easy site to use offering low cost products.



Ordered and delivered in 2 days

Ordered a print on Thursday and it was delivered today (Saturday)

Paid extra for a Saturday AM delivery. Canvas will be delivered tonight for my nans 70th Birthday.

What a service


No thankyou Trustpilot

When are people going to realise that this site is a fake. I was researching all the top reviewers for the last few days. Guess what, they were all reviewing the same sites more or less.

The entire system is being "Gamed" as Trustpilot put it.

They try to make it harder to log in by FaceBook only Logins. Come On. How easy is it to register a Facebook account and then attach it to an Hotmail account , Log in to Trustpilot and post a review??

Users on Trustpilot are not real people. The reviews are fake.

When real issues arise, Trustpilot do not know how to respond. They do not have any ethics.

When will Trustpilot take responsibility for what they are doing here? They have developed a platform where people can vent their anger out on companies before they even go to the companies involved and try to get a resolution.

There are too many instances of this company publishing fake reviews. It is just not on.

Somebody needs to do something about Trustpilot.

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06 July 2012

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your feedback.

We acknowledge that you don't feel Trustpilot can be trusted. Let me try to explain, what we do in order to improve the overall quality of the reviews.

Facebook Connect is just one of the things we have implemented to make it more complicated to register a fake user profile. Behind the lines we have a lot of monitoring going on to catch and investigate suspicious reviews and profiles. I don't want to publish exactly what we do, but one of the more obvious workarounds is that we find reviews made about the same company from the same IP-address using different user profiles. In that case it's typically employees writing about their own company. As there is no proof of purchase, we'll remove the reviews.

We have some well-working procedures for handling fraud. Any company or user can report a review if it does not comply with our guidelines. Our Community Support team looks into the reports in the order they receive them and take the needed action. If the review is reported for being fake, our procedure is to ask the reviewer to send documentation that a transaction has been made. If that's not possible we remove the review.

So we do take responsibility and are working actively on making life harder for the minority of people who or gaming our platform. You can read more about how reporting works on our blog:

Joakim Ditlev

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