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Great prices, great service

I ordered some items off Viovet and was pleased with the low prices. They were very quick to deliver, unfortunately one item had been damaged in the post through no fault of theirs. i contacted them and they sent a replacement item immiediately. Very pleased with their customer care. 5 stars. i'll definitely use them again 8-]


Its just too pricey!

Yes i do have it, and NO, nobody is twisting my arm to keep it. I just think that the difference between the freeview channels and the extra ones i get from SKY, just isnt worth the SKY monthly cost thats all.


The only sports shop i use. Simples!

Why is it this shop can sell the goods less than the other sports retailers? Is it because they arent as greedy for profit? Well they get my custom EVERYTIME!


No snobs shop here!

Why is it i can buy brand name things for £1 here that cost me twice that elsewhere? Because its a good bargain shop but some folk wont go through the door due to snobbery. Fools!


Oh dear!

Why is it you have tickets for sale at vastly inflated prices when i can still get from the venue or other sources less? YES youve actually got the tickets when the venues sold out so i cant give you one star......but i have to pay through the nose.

Great service

I dont travel by train very often but when i do ive used these and have found a wealth of information and great savings to be made!

Cheap and fast

Very similar to Amazon. I use these a lot for music, DVD's etc. Great prices compared to the shops and if you are patient and can wait a few days for delivery, why not pocket the difference instead?


Fast delivery and cheap

Ive never had a problem with Amazon. I use them a lot. Even through the music retailers from other countries. Prices are great and sometimes delivery is faster from the USA than stuff i order online here in the UK.


Ebay is a fantastic place to buy AND sell.

I think the sellers fees are a bit high. With the Paypal fee it can be as much as 20% of the total price. Ive 100% feedback from several hundred purchases/sells. One company wouldnt respond to the faulty item i had bought. I contacted ebay and got my money back. Another seller charged an extortionate amount for delivery. When the item arrived the postal charges were only a third of what he had charged me. I contacted him , he wasnt interested. I contacted ebay, they refunded me. Im very happy with ebay, just wish the charges for sellers were lower.



Here is my experience of an Argos delivery. I was so incensed that i wrote it all down so i wouldnt forget in future!
I think Argos is fine if you can get the goods instore. BUT i wanted a TV and it was deliver only [for which they charge] so i waited in ALL day on the designated day. The weather was bad admittedly but they just didnt turn up and never rang to say they werent coming so i waited in all day for nothing! They rang that evening AFTER the designated delivery time to give me a new delivery date, two days later. I waited in AGAIN. No delivery, no phone call either this time! I rang them the next morning and was told there was a problem with a backlog of deliveries and someone would call me later that week on the Saturday morning. They never rang! I rang Saturday evening and was told someone would ring me Sunday morning. Guess what? They never rang! Sunday evening i rang again and was told someone in dispatch would DEFINITELY ring me Monday or Tuesday with a delivery date. By Tuesday afternoon i had received no phone call, and by this time with my phone bill getting bigger and my patience getting shorter and my temper likely to explode at any moment i went into the local Argos store to complain to the duty manager. He rang on my behalf and was told that my order was in the system 'pending' and i was asked to be patient as there was a backlog of deliveries. I emailed the head office in Milton Keynes as i was annoyed i had taken an extra day off work, i had expenses in phone calls, and expenses in motoring costs going to the store. I was offered my phone calls would be re-inbursed if i produced evidence. This meant i would have to photocopy my phone bill and post it off to them. More expense! I didnt bother! Nothing for my inconvenience or nothing for my extra day off work! NOTHING! I remain TOTALLY UNHAPPY AT THE WAY I WAS TREATED and i havent bought from Argos since! Im a tiny little fish in a huge ocean, and Argos wont be bothered one little bit that they have lost one customer, BUT this one little fish would like EVERYONE else in that big ocean to know how they treat customers who have to wait for deliveries once theyve taken their money! SHAME ON YOU

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Cheap, fast and happy!

That just about sums up my two purchases from here so far. Shopped around and couldnt get them cheaper elsewhere. Delivered within 48 hours. Will definitely use them again, no problem!

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