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Niggly problems sometimes but otherwise OK

Sometimes there are issues but I'm generally happy with PayPal.


Excellent, as always

You can't beat

Tyre Shop

Appalling customer service - AVOID!!!

I ordered a set of 4 Maxxis tyres, these guys were the only ones who had any 'in stock'. The next day they contacted me to confirm that they had dispatched a group of employees to a warehouse 'to find the tyres in amongst 20,000 others'. Needless to say they were not in stock. I was then told that these would be replaced by 4 x Continental Accelera tyres (no evidence of such a tyre on the net). What arrived were 4 x Landsail tyres, a cheap Chinese tyre that again no-one (on the net) seemed to have heard of. In the meantime I paid using PayPal (£435) and was told that the payment hadn't gone through (by PayPal and my bank) but it had. So I paid again using a debit card. That's £870 for 4 Chinese branded tyres. Here I am three weeks later having finally been refunded by PayPal (after 12 days) and I am still chasing a £200 refund promised by these guys. They have apparently sent three cheques to me in that time. At least they return my calls but I get the feeling they are waiting me out!! Annoyed doesn't even come close. Avoid!!!

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