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Dont book transfers with AR

On my recent trip to Bodrum/Turkey my airline changed its schedule- notifying AR with a copy of the change in order not to be charged.
Upon arrival to BJV airport no transfer was there- calling their provider they told me that somebody was there to pick me up. went to all transfer desks - nobody knew about my transfer and no signs were available for AR.. Around midnight another company offered to take me with them to my hotel (they did have 2 other guests for same hotel) so around 02:00am I arrived to my hotel (flght artrived 9:30pm).
Next day I received an email from AR confirming changes for my departure tranfer- which had no alterations- which means that the arrival time was NOT changed by AR- instead they changed something which did not need to be changed.
By telling this to AR their provider even provided a list with my name on it for their pick up from the airport- with a signature that was not mine-.
Unfortunaltely I was stupid anough to think that a combined hotel and transfer would be problem free. Off course AR refused to take any responsability and even told me that there was no refund- a refund I never mentioned as I knew they would not take any responsability.

I stringly suggest to book your transfer with transfercompanies who knows what they are doing and dont need ages to make small changes etc. I recommend a2b which usually is quite reliable and proffessional. AR should just stick to what they know- hotels!

Above refence number is for my next trip where I luckily have only booked my hotel through AR as my voucher is at the hotel in BJV., Dont make the same mistake as me and waste time and money.


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