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Realisation why chose other protien brands.

Having received an e mail advertising a new flavour Chocolate peanut Butter, I was tempted and ordered/purchased a 5kg Tub, upon receipt I immediately made up a shake, and placed in fridge to chill, approx 30mins later I removed to drink, it was then that reality hit me and i realised why I had stopped using Bodybuilding Warehouse Protien and bought other brands, Why ? My newly made shake had solidified and was more mouse than liquid, it was impossible to drink. The next day I made my usual oats breakfast, making the oats with 400ml of water, then when done adding 2 scoops of protien powder, again same problem, the moist oats was now a solid dry mass, I had to add a further 500ml to make it edible. However a simple solution was immediately at hand, I began using other brands, which do not thicken. Totally unacceptable Bodybuilding Warehouse. I would be interested to hear your erxplanation of the thickening, and also what ingredient you use that causes this, that other brands obviously dont. .

20 November 2012

Reply from Bodybuilding Warehouse

Hi Paul,

I’m sorry you didn’t like your protein – usually we find customers prefer a thicker shake as it has a richer flavour, and leaves them fuller for longer between meals. Our protein is thicker because it is a time-released blend of protein sources designed to drip feed your body nutrients over 8hrs+. It’s not just one source of protein (e.g. Whey) that’s typically very thin, and in and out your system in 2hrs. A fast acting shake like that is far from ideal at most of the times it’s used – e.g. between meals, before bed etc. We combine a variety of different protein sources, some of which are thicker, for example Milk Protein Concentrate which is very high in protein, amino acids and very low in fat however it does mix more thickly because of the Micellar Casein content.

If you want a thinner shake our Whey IsoClear would be ideal – that’s a highly purified, clarified whey protein isolate so almost zero fat, and very, very thin, more like a fruit squash than a normal protein shake. We have that available on site now, and also have samples.

Hope that helps!

Bodybuilding Warehouse

Disgracefull After Sales

Last week my recent order was delivered, part of the order was wrong, I telephoned 3 seperate times waiting on hold in total over 20 mins. I then complained via their "contact us" procedure, after 4 days this had not been answered so complained again, again 3 days later, 2 further phone calls on hols and still no response, all because My Protien delivered the wrong item. Not acceptable.

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