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Having decided that I wanted a GHD air I went serching the internet on the off chance that I could get it cheaper than the official retail price of £99. I didnt think I would and then I found I am so glad I did. They were selling this item for £87.50. Great I thought, I wont beat that and I love a bargain. So I ordered it. Then I got another surprise. Free postage within 3 days. Brilliant I thought. So I am a happy lady and sit back to wait for my GHD air to arrive.
Then I go and like their Facebook page and 2 days after I order it they announce a massive offer..... the GHD air for £75. Trust me to miss out on a great offer. So I post on their page about how I'd ordered it 2 days previous and missed out but I'm not 2 disappointed as I still got it cheaper than anywhere else.
Within half an hour of posting this my phone rings and it's a really nice man from telling me that they had seen my comment on Facebook and offering me to get my item at the new offer price and thus saving me another £12.50.
This is customer service at its best and is really above and beyond what anyone could hope for never mind expect. I have alwyas worked in customer service focused jobs and while I know how important this is, most people and companies now don't seem to focus on it quite as much as they should, especially considering the competition out there for companies such as this. The fantastic prices alone made me happy and prepared to recommend to my friends. This little extra has put right on top of my list of shopping sites and will be promoting them via my facebook page as well as verbally to anyone who will listen. lol

Mazuma Mobile

Simple, Fast, Efficient

Fair price, quick and easy to use website.
They do what they say.
Speedy delivery of postage bag and fast checks so no hanging about from customers end.
Prompt payment.
No problems or issues.
Would be happy to rcommend Mazuma mobile.

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