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Pet Supermarket

Free delivery on everything no matter the cost.

So glad i found Pet Supermarket online as the prices are great and they use a well known courier service to deliver to your front door and it doesnt matter if you only spend a £1, it's still free delivery. I have lots of different pets and Pet Sepermarket caters for all of them 10/10.


Rubbish all round.

Thought I'd switch from [external reference] to Sainsbury (Beaconsfield). Boy was that a mistake. A friend of mine phoned and placed/reserved an order for a certain 6 bottles of wine for me to pick up next day from customer service desk. I entered shop (i wont call it a super-market because nothing is super), i walked up to c/services desk where there was 4 women dealing with 1 customer. I was only one in queue by this time but 10mins later there was a queue behind me and now 12 sainsburys staff dealing with 1 same woman. I said to one staff...."Is this a joke"?. she said no but we will be with you shortly.
Waited another 10mins, by this time there was 17 staff all standing around looking gormless. In the end i just walked off and went about doing some shopping (sod the wine). When it came to the checkouts, there was about 6 checkouts open and 5-6 customers all queued up with trolley fulls. There were 8 staff stood around the checkouts doing bugger all.
I did give them the benefit of the doubt and returned a week later to do another shop but i got exactly the same service as before. I haven't been back since and have gone back to [external reference] where the checkouts are quicker......WHO THE HELL WANTS TO QUEUE UP FOR 20MINS AND FIND THEIR FROZEN ITEMS ALL DEFROSTED BY THE TIME THEY GET TO THEIR CAR. REFREEZING FOOD IS DANGEROUS.


As Below...Worst company ever.

will be here all day if i wrote about the experience i had with the Immigrant i had to deal with. I won't bother writing a long review as they are sh1t all round. sh1t company, sh1t rude staff.

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compared to the rest they are the best

Have been with Vodaphone over 2 years now and i pay for 2 contracts - 1 for me and 1 for my daughter. when i asked about taking a 2nd contract out for my 11 year old daughter i thought i would be cheeky and ask if they would throw a freebie in as a bonus for signing up to a 2nd contract. The sales assistant on the telephone said " I could give you a £40 Vodaphone Bluetooth Kit with charger". I accepted the free gift straight away as he didn't have to, if you don't ask then you don't get.
My 2 contracts were due up but me and my daughter noticed we weren't getting proper 2G coverage in our area. After several phone calls over a period of say a month, Vodaphone offered me a brand new 3G handset and also a new 3G handset for my daughter if i extended her contract by 6 months. . Vodaphone also gave us a free Sure-signal-box that guarantees perfect signal where i live.
In the past i have been with O2 (Not bad), Orange(terrible) and 3 are just the worse Mobile company going. Vodaphone took a bit of time to sort out my issues but i am over the moon with their Quality and A+ services all round. can't fault Vodaphones services to resolve issues and keep the customer happy and will be sticking with this Company. And trust me, i'm not the easiest person to please lol......


Useless and incompetent allround

Personally i wouldn't even give specsavers one star. had my eye test a couple of months ago, picked the frames and was told to come back in a week to collect. i returned a week later to find i couldn't see bugger all out of my new glasses. They offered me another test which i had to return later for. I retook the eye test and they said they needed to lower the prescription just slightly and to call them back in a week when glasses were made up again with new prescriptions. A week later i returned to same specsavers in Uxbridge and stood waiting for ages at front desk to be served (I was the only person in line). I never said anything before on previous visits but i got quite annoyed this time standing/waiting as there was about 10-15 staff all standing around chatting to each other and not actually working. Finally someone actually noticed my face going redder and asked if i needed assistance. I said i'm here for the fourth time about my specs and are they ready?. The assistant came back with my glasses. I tried them on and they were still bloody blurry when i try to read anything at arms length or 50 yards away. The assistant said that maybe its because of my old prescription that my eyes won't adjust......What a load of old bollox i thought (I told him that I especially left my old specs at home so there would be no interference or excuses this time around). I told him to forget booking me back in and that i would just keep the specs and maybe take them out of the box in 2-3 years time when maybe then, my eyes might be slightly worse. He just laughed at me and said YES they will probably work perfectly by then, to which i just got up and left the store.

Crap service X4, Crap Eye test X2, Crap everything...AVOID.

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