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Interlink Express


Company attempted delivery, and left card through door. I arranged to come and collect it, but then discovered that their collection point is 10 miles away, and how heavy it was. (I didn't realise that you'd really need a car to transport the goods, but that's something I discovered on collection). We don't have a car, and when asked (within an *hour*) if they could simply redeliver another day, we were told "no, a collection has been arranged".

This was an online order, from a company I'd never ordered from before. I never will again. I have since discovered one of my favourite companies has started using them - I will never order anything from them again either.

I'm pretty serious here - any company who is considering using this company for deliveries, please don't - I will *not* order from you. Whether or not my experience of Interlink Express is representative (and the current rating on this site doesn't make me hopeful), simply having this experience once makes it not risking ever again.

(Seriously, in the end I had to walk 3 miles, and take 2 buses and 2 trams at 7 O'Clock on a saturday morning in order to get to their "depot" in the middle of nowhere to be greeted by a reception desk which had no-one there, a telephone, and a sign saying "phone customer services for collection".

I ended up carrying a parcel the size of a small cabinet *on foot* from their depot because they refused to deliver the goods. When I was there, I saw someone else in a similar situation who'd come to collect a parcel by bike, discovering it was 3 times the size of her bike, and clearly been refused redelivery.

Seriously, if you are a company thinking of using them I will pay you more to use anyone else. Even royal mail.


I very much appreciate the time taken by someone at Interlink Express to make the response. However, I think that reviews should state the honest opinion someone has of the service they recieved.

The fact of the matter here is that Interlink tried to deliver something and no-one was in. (Not their fault) They put a card through the door, which is reasonable.

It stated that you had to book to collect the goods during a very small collection time window. That's pretty bad (relative to Royal Mail).

Their nearest collection depot was indeed 10 miles away, which is dreadful by comparison given I don't drive.

This meant getting 2 busses, very early on a saturday morning on a journey that was a 4-5 hour round trip (including time waiting for changes between buses, walking to bus depot, waiting at interlink).

The reason it was very early on a saturday is due to the fact interlink's depot were only open for a very short time early on saturday mornings - and you had to book a very specific time within that small time window. (Getting there any other time would require time off work and a car).

Add to this that less than 1 hour after I'd arranged to collect the parcel (yes, 1 hour) my wife phoned Interlink to arrange redelivery adds insult to injury. Rather than do their job - which is to deliver the goods (and this includes attempting at least one redelivery) - they refused.

This then cost me bus fares that morning as well. The good I were collecting were about 2ft, by 2ft by 3ft in size, and weighed about 6kg. Not easy on foot.

Add to this the fact that I saw someone there collecting a parcel on a bike, who discovered said parcel was bigger than her bike, and was talking to another person saying that Interlink had refused delivery.

This suggests to me that my experience wasn't unusual, and I really wouldn't want to use any company that use Interlink again if I can help it. (unless I can absolutely guarantee I'll be in on the day they deliver)

I could be wrong in thinking that, but that's the impression I got, and I in no way wish to have a repetition of the experience.

That said, if Interlink really want people to change their reviews some suggestions:
* In your depots, have some signage up that makes it clear that the derilict road you're walking down has a depot at the end of it
* Have your collection reception open at more sensible reasonable times, and don't put stupid demands on customers - such as requiring them to book collection at a time and making them beholden to arriving with 1 hour of that collection
* Rather than have a phone in your collection reception and a sign saying "phone this number", how about having a person there
* If someone comes on foot, and it's clearly impractical for them to take away on foot, how about offering redelivery at a specific time?
* If someone arranges collection (for 2-3 days hence) and then phones back within a sensible time frame (eg within 3 hours) asks for redelivery, and you've not attempted redelivery yet, how about actually doing that? (I think it was actually around 10-20 minutes between me arranging collection and my wife phoning to ask to arrange redelivery)

If you pledged to do all of these suggestions, I think I'd consider changing my rating - after finding out if they actually in force. In the meantime, I won't be using businesses that use you for delivery because I can't guarantee being at home at the drop of a hat, and being able to arrange a delivery time would be really useful.

18 September 2012

Reply from Interlink Express

Hi Michael,

I'm sorry you had a negative experience on this occasion, and that you do not hold a positive view of us as a result. I can assure you that we have a number of very happy customers, who far outweigh those who have issues with us. We are not happy with our Trustpilot rating, but in context, it is under 50 negative reviews in over two years.

However, that is not to say that we are being glib about negative comments - we take them all very seriously, and always seek to help in such circumstances. Is there anything I can do that would make you consider changing your stance when it comes to Interlink Express?

Your feedback would be highly appreciated - socialmedia@interlinkexpress.com

Kind regards,


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