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A+++ Service, A+++ Greenhouse

Following the snow at the end of January 2013 in Alton, and the collapse off my old greenhouse I found this local company (online under 'the greenhouse people'). For myself they have a local factory and showroom. I was able to look at and choose the greenhouse I needed. James (IT manager) provided a very high level of customer service, even though it had got pass 16:00 on the Sunday.

I ordered the 'Stableford' and sat back to wait for the delivery and the sun. The Greenhouse people sent order confirmation letter containing a number of booklets to assist me when it came time to erect it. As I read them I decided to purchase the option glass trim and some staging. One phone call a week later, placed these on the order and a new confirmation was duly sent.

At the end on Feb I received one phone call to confirm delivery times and to make the final balance payment, then as planned all items in the order arrived. On time, in good order with the driver unloading and placing them exactly where I asked. The driver also gave me good advice on how to handle and position the glass into the frame.

I have now had to wait for the snow and winds to stop, to allow me to install the greenhouse. Work has put this on hold, but I have laid a new base as per their instructions. If I have problems or need further information or advice they are at the end of the phone.

Having looked over the greenhouse parts all appear good quality and well made. the guarantee is good, and so will probably not need to buy another, but even at this stage I would recommend this produce and The GreenHouse People to all.


Good Product range and Service

I have used Screwfix for many years now, mostly for my home DIY needs and some items for work. I find the staff helpful/ polite and the product range extensive in all the branches.

As they have become more wide spread and popular, I have noticed that their prices have been rising compared to other suppliers. I have also found that you can get caught out by price changes due to new catalogues, special offers, and old stock. Product codes do change, giving two or more for the same product, when at different prices cause problems, especially if you are online.

Online stock levels are an issue as they focus on branch levels in postcode areas. Travelling far and wide for work, searching for branch stock across many postcodes is a pain. This was made worst with an online orders I placed. I visited two stores in South Wales from the North Midlands that showed stock to be told there were stock taking errors. Screwfix later said that they had not placed the order with B&Q and the product had been discontinued. Screwfix did reverse the online order and give me £5.

If you have the time check the cost from other supplies. If time, availability and range of stock is the important issue, then Screwfix takes some beating. Highly Recomended.



I am writing this review to make others aware of the problems with this company. I do not like to list bad 1 star reviews in case it is just a one off problem, but this is the exception.

My parents (father) took out a Virgin Media package (Phone, TV and Broadband). Customer care - absolute ZERO.

Following the dead of my father in November 2011 (now July 2012), I tried to contact Virgin for my mother, to tell them of the situation and that my mother did not want to continue with any TV or Broadband service. However see did need a phone. Virgin (call center) gave only one option - Start an account in her name and take over the phone number, and she could have paper billing for £15/month. Happy with this my mother said yes (verbal over the phone).

That is where the problems really started.

Virgin sent no written contract and non has been received to date. Virgin after 30 days started sending paper bills for £15 + charges for collecting payment @£6 + @£10 for late payment (late payment due, before bill received?) each month. When queried, they stated that the contract could not be cancelled as the cooling off period had expired. They also started adding costs to cover the debt and ongoing contract for my fathers account. (old closed account!). These have been queried and payments have not been made for these.

Virgin continued to take money from my fathers account to cover continuation of the old contract at the same time. One operator even said that the account holder was the only person who could terminate the account, This comment was not changed, when they were reminded he was DEAD.

A request for proper detailed paper bills has been made but only ones stating the total cost have been sent. Virgin have responded by removing the phone service and telling my mother to pay the bills sent my email (what email, no broadband service and no computer?).

Having issued Virgin with the required 30 day termination notice, Virgin have acknowledged this notice, but have not terminated the account. They have instead tried to reopen a dead man's account and restart his direct debit payments.

Advice DO NOT give any bank / credit card details to Virgin FOR ANY REASON they will continue to take monies without your agreement.

The phone has not been used since the end of 2011 and bills continue to be sent for @£60/month. Every time a letter is sent to a Virgin office, the reply comes back from a different location and person, most stating a response with be sent in 14 days.

Through Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May and Jun of 2012 letters have been going back and forth, with the problem and upset getting worst. Virgin have sent, what appears for them to be standard 'Threat' letters - If payment is not made, it will affect your credit rating, Virgin will & have instructed bailiffs to enter your house and recover money or goods to settle the debt (no court order ! Virgin remember the requirement of LAW).

This case should be on a few different desks within the Virgin empire (with others!!) as it was passed to OFCOM and back to Virgin's own adjudication agent (CISAS). Virgin should be working on a response and have a limited time left. Then it goes to OFCOM.

If anyone needs to find their own information on the contracts they may undertake, look at the many Virgin websites and look for anything that does not cover Virgin selling you something else - like policies for the dead of the account holder, moving house to poor service areas, complaint procedures, actual contact addresses, numbers and names. If you think you can send messages to an actual person then sorry, you will find it goes to a sorting/ filtering address. Most searches will send you to lists of further web links, short titles which send you in circles or there is just no information. Try Death of account holder ???? The place Virgin like to send you to is a forum where you question other like yourself and get no answers from Virgin.

Instead of recommending Virgin or not bothering, I now will inform anyone I now about this issue. So far I know of 15 people who have either not taken out accounts or have cleared their bills and terminated or transferred.

Virgin work on the principle 'you pay what they want you to pay, and you cannot escape even after DEATH'.
Well time has moved on and it is now October 2012. Since I last uploaded this review, CISAS the adjudication agent has been reviewing the case. They have asked Virgin to respond to the dispute. Virgin have still not provided any contract information (written or otherwise) to my mother and have, in our opinion been a little restrictive with information passed to CISAS, probably because it was disputed verbal and not written information and they will not provide or have no tape records.

During the time that CISAS was reviewing the dispute, Virgin continued to sent letters demanding payments and threatening baliff and legal action. Althrough the dispute process allows Virgin to continue to make charges for 'Services', they are not allowed to purse the customer for payments or threaten/ take any legal action until after the CISAS ruling. (oh dear! Virgin, breaking their own rules!).

In my option, my mother would so have loved Virgin to take legal action. The dispute would have moved from the CISAS (regulator) review to a legal and very PUBLIC event. (Virgin would have broken the rules again and the maybe the LAW!)

Anyway CISAS gave their ruling. Virgin failed in their duty of care, had to clear all debts, terminate the contract, and make a small payment.

Althrough this payment did not cover the distress, time, coping materials and postage costs, this is one case where


For the people who may read this, I have one piece of advice
-- RECORD EVERY contact you have with Company, written or verbal.
You can also use a tape recorder yourself,. ask them why they record then follow on to say you are recording the call-(Legal requirement to inform them).

Oh yes, sorry one more piece of advice - follow the title of this review - AVOID

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Very good service, with good control of their supply train.

From start to finish BigDug provided very good customer service. They contacted me by phone to confirm the order, details of delivery agent and time for delivery. They were interested in feedback during the phone call, and had a good phone manner. The delivery agent UKMAIL, delivered on time and helped move the boxes into the garage. Again another company with good customer service. A lot of companies would benefit from the service BigDug provide and the way they operate.

As for the shelving, I when for two of the mega deals and I am very happy with the units. They go together well if you take care lining things up and not just hitting them anywhere, with the hammer. I have fixed them to the garage wall, in case they get overloaded or hit by the car. The only weak point is the optional clips which fasten two shelves units together. They work but are a little thin and bend if the shelves lean away from each other. The shelves are of a good quality, well designed and should last a good few years.
Its now October 2012, The shelves are going strong. As predicted are piled high to the garage ceiling (overloaded?). One of my workmates has seen these and has just made a purchase.

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