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Blue Herbs Ltd.

Paid for 1039g and only got 850g

i bought vega meal replacement 1039g however was delivered 850g of vega one... Which as it happens made me ill, had no problems with the old one, something in the vega one made me sick as a dog... Feel as though ive been scammed and poisoned at the same time.


Hi Matthew. Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately i do not agree with your response, i have order confirmation in way of an email that states i purchased 1039g of Vega meal replacement, if this has been discontinued you should not advertise and sell it as that. Please reply with an email address and i am happy to forward.  
Blue Herbs contacted me for a review, which i have given, unfortunately for you it was negative as what i received was not what i paid for!  
As for your claim that you have had positive reviews of the vega one, i have seen and read countless negative reviews, all saying the same thing that its the same price however you get less product!  
Ps. I feel much better now, thank you for asking!

09 July 2012

Reply from Blue Herbs Limited


Please be advised that the "Meal Replacement" no longer exists as a manufactured product. This is explicitly explain on both our website and the documentation you received attached to your Vega One. The manufacturer has recently had to change the formula due to changes in EU regulations. This is completely out of our control. However, the feedback we have had from other customers has been nothing but positive surrounding the new formula.

If you were not happy with your purchase or felt we had mislead or misinformed you in someway then you should have contacted us as we would have been more than happy to refund you. We are always happy in the rare instances that our customers are unhappy to do everything within our power to resolve the situation.

I would also like to state that the price you have paid for the Vega One is the most competitive around and that with the free next day shipping you received, you have been in no way scammed.

Good Heath




It is regrettable that we had a 24 hour overlap between selling out of the old product and updating our online listings. Again, if you are not happy with our service or believe you have been mislead in any way at all then contacting us directly would lead to you receiving a full refund. I can assure you that the error that was made will not happen again.

I suggest that it would be more appropriate to take your issues with the product up with the manufacturer, not ourselves. We are merely a distributor of the product.

In response to your belief that you receive less for the same price, if you read the literature included (around the lid) with your product that the new formula has:

- More servings per tub
- 250% more antioxidants
- 100% more Probiotic & digestive enzymes
- 20% more Omega-3
- 20% more greens
- 15% more protein

I hope this response finds you well and please contact us directly if you still feel that we have not fully answered your queries.

Good Health


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