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You really do get what you pay for

Superior equipment, build and customer service.

I have swapped over from a PC to a Macbook pro and couldn't be happier.

Software and build is seamless... customer service and store support is always great.

Yes they're expensive but as mother always says... you really do get what you pay for :)


Work in progress

Tesco has been historically at the forefront of food retail.

This however has changed in recent years with a decline in customer service and satisfaction.

You will find varying levels of service from store to store, some valuing the customer whilst others continue to concentrate purely on profits and footfall through the door.

Credit due though from what I have been informed, Tesco is on a mission to improve the customer experience across the board. It may be a long work in progress but watch this space.


Rude, dishonest and offensive

I moved to O2 because I was unhappy with the coverage with Orange. BIG MISTAKE!!!

The coverage may be lacking a bit with Orange but that was nothing compared to the service received from O2 recently.

I made the mistake of taking their insurance which I was assured was on par with the insurance I had with Orange. Complete and utter rubbish. My phone has just gone wrong and I was told the fault was not covered on the insurance and it would have to sent away for repair. Meanwhile I would have to make do with an old relic of a phone they gave me as a stand in.

This was not all. To get that far I had to go through a huge heap of arguments with store manager and customer service over the phone in the store in front of countless customers. Very embarrassing and distressing.

I am now trying to cancel the contract. Of course they will with a £600 fee even though they have technically mis-sold a contract.


Overpriced and a bit rude

Unfortunately being in central London Sainsbury is one of the common stores I have to use.

I find them extremely overpriced even for a central London location.

Their stores are adequately stocked and easy to navigate but in general have very unhelpful and rude staff who look as if they can't be bothered to be there and they're doing you a favour by working there.

SInce writing my first review on Sainsbury's I have experienced an even worse a level of service. One aspect in particular being their brand match policy. Beware of this!!! It's extremely exploitative policy, brand matching against RRPs a lot lower elsewhere than in their store and then giving an unreasonable short expiry on their price match voucher.


Not great for the money

Yes it's only £5.99 but if it's only got films that are generally over 10 years old or so bad they never got to the cinema... come on is it really worth it... Lovefilm much better

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Good customer service but overpriced

I have been with Orange for most of the time I have owned a mobile phone. I have recently however moved across to O2 after being drastically surprised by the rising costs of my phone bills. This company has recently been hiding a lot of extras not included within my tariff and their tariffs are way overpriced compared to the other networks.

The plus side to them is their 'no questions asked' insurance. It's rapid, efficient and pretty much guarantees you a replacement phone the next day.


Poor, inefficient service

Time and time again I have given this company a chance to redeem itself within the computer and electricals arena and each time they prove a complete and utter disappointment proving to be inefficient, time costly and unhelpful.

I have recently moved to a Mac and hopefully I will never ever again have a need to deal with this god awful chain. DSG you have some serious customer service issues to resolve!!!

Protect your bubble


I have only just taken out insurance with Protect you Bubble but from what I see the process for taking the insurance out is clear, concise and easy to follow with coverage that seems very comprehensive.

06 July 2012

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Dear James,

Thank you for your review.
We are glad you liked our quick and easy setup.
Your feedback is appreciated.
Kind Regards
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