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A company that is as good as it's word!

My daddy used to tell me a man is as good as his word. Well I can apply that to UPS. My family orders a lot online and UPS gets our products here on time just as their Tracking statement says. I know exactly when to be at home if it is something I need to sign for. If I am away, the driver knows exactly where to place our packages. Our yard is fenced in and the porch is fenced in also. I appreciate the fact that our packages are in "Good Hands" with UPS!


Life in the fast lane

I just have to say this-couldn't live without FB.
1. Keep up with friends and family
2. Order products that friends or family are selling through their home business.
3. Always get prompt service with what I order.
4. Why host a party in your home when you can do it online?


Isn't your address Walmart also?

I live at Walmart! Actually, if I don't find it in the store, it's always on line. When I place my order it arrives promptly as the company says it would.Then sometimes, if I am just too tired to go to the store, I just go ahead and order online.

Couldn't do without my Wally world!


Just like eating a Twix-it's as scrumptious as WIX

Totally 100%, an enjoyable place to go. For the past 3 years, I have enjoyed making websites with WIX. They have all the latest "bells and whistles: to make an award winning website. They always have someone on hand to help when you mess up. They are very efficient and awesomely effective!

04 January 2013

Reply from WIX

Unlike Twix, we don't mind sharing. Thanks for the review, Janie.


When I've lost my noodle, there's always Google!

When you can't remember the products of a country-go to Google.
When you don't have time to do your own research-go to Google.
When you can't find out how to deal with your children-go to Google.
When you have certain symptoms in your body-go to Google.
Need ideas for a 50th wedding anniversary?-Google it
When all else fails-Google it!

SOOOOO, why not start with Google first!!!!!


With Amazon.com-it's a home run

I have been doing business with Amazon.com for about 15 years and I have always been pleased with their promptness and how they stand behind their word.Who needs to order anywhere else when you have Amazon.com?!?


Saved By the (door) Bell

Listen, friends. I have some totally exciting news!! We have 2 dogs, 4 indoor cats, and 7 outdoor cats. Now for the exciting news-I do not have to purchase food for them at the grocery store any more! I am a healthy 66 year old and I plan on staying in good shape. I do not have to lift these heavy items, which would cause extreme pain in my back and neck. No more pain because of lifting these bags of food and cat litter!! Praise the Lord. I need to check to see if you have Purina Pro for our pigeons so they won't feel left out!!! Yep...go to PetFlow.com and you too, will be saved by the (door) bell.

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