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Can't be faulted

I tried Virgin a few years ago but it just didn't compare to Sky. They know their market, they are constantly evolving and have the resources to back them up. I've never had a billing fault, they are always sending offers of free movie packages for x length of time etc. I can't imagine we'd try any alternative satellite providers now.


Not always the best

I had to repeatedly complain to them after their engineers kept unplugging my telephone line everytime they did something int he green junction box down the road. often i was without a phone line/internet connection for a week. It happened 12 times in a 2 year period, each time they said it would cost me £100 if the fault was found inside my home. I kept explaining it was their engineers at the junction box and it always was, but they wouldn't listen. Eventually they apologised, but offered nothing in the form of compensation for all the down time which amounted to about 2 months if you added up all the days!


Yodelayhohooooooooooo! :-)

What a fab company. Never heard of them before until they delivered my lovely new Dyson. generally when parcels are delivered, the box is dented at least somewhere, even if only a little. The delivery lady was very personable and the box was fresh as a daisy and brucie bonus, it was delivered just after 1pm so didn't have to wait in all day.

Wells Poultry Ltd

Fast & trustworthy

I ordered a product Thursday, the delivery time was 5-6 days, it arrived the next day - who can argue with that!

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