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Overall a very good rental experience.

Report on the recent car hire experience at LHR
Overall this was very good but with a couple of concerns that certainly were not an issue on this trip.
The driver of the car-hire shuttle bus was courteous and helpful. Always a good start for the trip. As usual they tried to upgrade the car at the desk and sell me additional insurance. I explained that I already had the insurance through you and he looked at the policy and agreed. I declined the upgrade as I wanted a small car and when I got to the line I had the choice of several models. I selected a VW Polo. It had a ding in the door and so I made sure it was identified, along with several other items and the check-out gate. I probably was a bit of a pain but the guard took it well enough.
The trip went well. We spent part of the time in Cornwall so a small car was advisable. Got about 10 miles per liter.
We returned to LHR with just over a quarter tank of fuel for a change (I usually end up giving them far more) and drew up to the return lane that’s now covered in case of rain and an attendant appeared, took the mileage and gave me a receipt. No fuss. No hassle. Wonderful.
Overall a very good rental experience.
Now my concerns: It wasn’t a problem this time but if I did damage the car I would have to file paperwork as I was insured through a third party and I hate paperwork.
Secondly I am worried that you may not wish to rent me a car due to my age. I recognize that I will have to stop at some time but I feel fine now and my trips to the UK mean a lot to me. Your table goes to 85 and if I am fit I assume I can go for another five years, But what after then?
Best Regards Ken Johnston

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