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Helpful but a very confusing administration system

Negative feedback:

Initially very helpful but as the purchasing procedure progressed various computer errors became apparent. The website has a considerable amount of bugs which became very frustrating to circumvent. The accounts department although helpful appeared to completely lose the plot and I received various differing costs for my orders. I am still confused as to the correct total price? The Dispatch department appeared to be overworked and held ransom to highly unstable company software.

Positive feedback:

Everyone I spoke to was helpful and tried to give good customer service. However, I still have not received my ordered goods yet!!! Been waiting five days now.

06 July 2012

Reply from SpyCameraCCTV

Hi David,

I'm really sorry about the delay in receiving your order. We have just moved everything from one ordering system which we'd been using for 4 years to a new one we've only had for 4 days, and we have had a couple of teething issues. Fortunately I am happy to say everything is up and running now!

I've traced your package and found it's due to be delivered at the agreed address on Tuesday 10th. I've also emailed you with a copy of the tracking information so you can get a status update any time online.

Thank you for the honest review and I really appreciate that you understand we're doing our best. Next time I can guarantee a much smoother ordering process!

Kind regards,

Technical Support Lead

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