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The price just rocks

I often look into my closet and see clothes that I don't wear anymore, but are just too good to throw away. Probably they are not my style anymore or I just need something fresh - that's why I love Primark. Clothes are cheap and you don't really expect them to live for more than two seasons - which is absolutely enough for me. This way I can change my wardrobe every now and then and don't spend a fortune. Hate the mess in the stores though - it's impossible to go there on weekends or when girls finish school - you won't get out there alive. Besides that, I like to go there during weekdays in the morning - absolutely great shopping experience and I always find something and I am always amazed about the price.


Just not what it used to be

The front page looks very spammy, I can not even check my emails or use the search without reading about the latest Robert Pattinson trash. Too bad, as I made my very first email account with Yahoo :-(


Dont get the hang with it

Doesn't seem useful to me and when I had an account there I had troubles writing those short messages. Not useful to me, sorry, but I like the logo alot. :-)


Works for me, but not much user contribution

More reviews, come on, people! :-)

I think it's good you dont have to write such detailed reviews that you sometimes just dont have the time for and still can share your experience with a few sentences.


No other choice

I'm using FB everyday, although so many about it bothers me (I think the majority will agree with me that there is just no other option). Don't want the stupid timeline, but they forced everyone to take it. The delete buttons are always hard to find and they publish information that just nobody needs. App is crappy and lots of functions are missing. Most of the times FB needs ages to show me current friend requests or notifications. Lots to improve, they should implement less functions and therefore make the ones that are already there run smootly.


Free delivery, do I have to say more? :)
Most of the times the price leader and very good handling.

I will continue to shop here!


Improvement please!

Somehow I don't seem to have luck with internet providers. Always having problems with the connection and customer service. Same with 1&1, sometimes I have people on the phone that are trying very hard, and sometimes they are just rude. The company should really check who they are putting on the phone because this gives me a bad image of the company that really doesn't have to be.

App doesn't do good work

The booking app is not very good unfortunately, it crashed on my iPhone constantly. I'm hoping for improvement!

31 August 2012

Reply from B.V.

Hi Sydney,

Thanks for the feedback! We will make sure everything is working OK with the App.

Your Team.


Too pricey for only good service

I flew with Lufthansa 4 times already, two times short and two times long distance. The long distance flight was awesome: excellent service, nice & experienced staff, great Media Centre with lots of movies to pick. The short distance flights were both delayed and the boarding was very weird, at first I thought wow this is superquick but then everybody was cramped in the dark tunnel in front of the plane and standing around for at least 15 minutes instead of still staying in the boarding hall and doing it properly, with back seats first and so on. I have mixed feelings about this airline, I would need to fly with it again to see in which direction it is going. But unfortunately most of the times its a very pricey option, although they land at the most convenient airports. Let's see!


High price but it's worth it for the quality

I hear alot of people complaining about the apple hype and the high prices but so far I didnt find a phone, an mp3 player or a laptop that give me the same quality and genuine design as apple. People might complain - but I believe they have not tried the products before. As a windows user I was always struggling with my pc and I dont have these problems any more since I am using a MacBook pro. Yes, it was expensive but it paid of a hundred times since my laptop would have been down by now and my Macbook still reaches a battery lifetime of 7 hours. My laptop didnt reach that to begin with and it was the same price. So first before complaining: start using apple and I'm 100% sure you will not go back to windows (except when youre an excessive gamer, then, I regret, you have no other choice) :)

Nice and easy, lots of choice

I book all my hostels here. All of them were as described and got a very cheap price (they have specials depending on how long you stay). Try and you will be satisfied. Although I think the design could be a bit more modernish :)


Flying times were changed on one day earlier - no email, no letter, no call!

I used to website to book a holiday to Kreta last year. We got to the airport, were looking forward to the holiday and - boom. The flight was changed to one day earlier - but they didnt feel the need to give us this information. I am still struggling with them to get my money back - even if this wouldn't make up the dissapointment they caused us by this spoiled holiday. Will not use this site again!

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Lost attractivity, high fees

I think the fees on ebay are way too high (9%!!!), while prices go up for the sellers, it's good for buyers. I sell alot of my clothes on ebay (or at least try to) and most of them go away for a way too cheap price. Somehow people seem to have lost interest on bidding and ebaying. It's really not the same as it used to be, I dont enjoy it as much as I did before and I am looking for other sites to sell my perfectly new clothes now. :(


Overall satisfaction for years now

The customer service of amazon is brilliant and quick (you normally get a response within just minutes!!!), the delivery is always on time and it's great that students can use amazon prime a year for free. When I order today I usually get my package tomorrow, it's lots quicker than even going to the shops and searching for what you're looking for.

All in all the most trusted shop for me on the web, the cheapest prices and biggest selection of items.


It's worth saving the money!

As a previous user of I now switched to the - in my opinion - much more developed hotel search engine Unfortunately trivago does not provide a flight comparison, yet (again! as they already had a beta out for that I believe), but I can still use other platforms for that.

So then, why trivago? As a matter of fact, I’m quite a travelling expert and have visited umpteen of countries, cities and of course hotels – or at least buildings that labeled themselves as such. Due to my bad as well as good experience I’m always looking for hotels with good reviews and an overall user satisfaction. I think I can get that from trivago, as they have a strong community behind their site. If I made a bad experience with a “hotel” I always try – of course time is the issue here – to let other users know to just make the site even more useful for other users like me. Of course there are a few areas that are not as well developed yet, I saw that on the other platforms outside UK – there is still a lot of development going on from their side – but I believe it’s going somewhere.

Besides the reviews / ratings I very much like the clean and simple design, the colors of the logo look appealing to me, in general the whole look and feel (also of the TV spot! Have you seen the last one with the bearded guy? Mhhh… sorry ;-)). I also think it’s very intuitive to use.

It’s just great to be able to compare so many different platform just on one site and generally saves a lot time and money– it’s like Google for hotels ;-) Without advertisement, though! Very nice! This makes me feel like the results are independent and not sponsored by certain partners, and that I really get the best price there is and not depending on how much a partner paid for his result to be on top. With the money to save I always give myself a treat – some exceptional dinner or an extra jet-ski ride, more souvenirs…I think you get the point. Why wasting money for getting exactly the same hotel? Try trivago!!!

Thank you trivago for many, many successful hotel findings…and more to come!

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