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Terrible service from a terrible company

I am a college student that has classes every morning and it is clear to a shipping company that I am from my address. However Purolator is the ONLY courier I have used where my package arrived at 11 am. UPS and FedEX both have delivered after 4pm, a more reasonable time for almost anyone with a job or school. But that is just the beginning, I left specific intructions with the place I ordered my package from and Purolator outright IGNORED my request and now it is sitting in a depot since noon and Purolator REFUSES to ship again today, even though there would be plenty of time to do so to rectify their mistake.

I left instructions to leave the package with the landlord of my complex if I do not answer my door when they show up, FedEX followed my request when I was not in town and a overseas shipping company IN KOREA RELAYED THIS MESSAGE when I ordered a monitor FROM KOREA. But no, Purolator just ignored my request and now I must pay a cab or take public transit to get my package or walk in 35 degree celcius heat because of their incompetence

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