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Used to be great...

...but they're getting worst and worst with every passing year. The latest is that they're charging to list products in their "shopping" results which is pretty gross considering. Plus with their blatant desperate attempts to integrate their crappy social network Google+ into search results, it just makes THEM and their results seems less relevant with every search. I think it's time for Google to sink a la myspace style and make room for the next big thing.

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It kind of sucks, and it's unoriginal

The truth is, this site sucks. There's a lot of twi-type tweens on there just reviewing for ego plus it's pretty much a huge rip off of the much better sites and

They copied everything from "fans" to the "writing portfolio" to the "promoted writing" and bunch of other stuff. I think it's pretty sad that a writing site lacks the originality to come up with a unique concept. Just saying! If you're a young kid just messing around it's fine for you, but real writers should just keep looking.


One of Favorite Places to Shop

I've made COUNTLESS orders from Amazon and have yet to be disappointed. Great selection of books and other products, great prices, fast shipping and an overall pleasant shopping experience. Would highly recommend.

Writers Network

Awesome Writing Community!

I have been on this site since 2005 and love it just as much as I did the first day I joined. Great community of writers, helpful writing tools and a really friendly support team. Many writing sites have come and gone but this one has stood the test of time and remained true to its roots. Would highly recommend to all writers whether you're just started out or a seasoned pro!



And they gave me no reason for it. After nearly a decade with them and no complaints or disputes in my account, they claimed that I was a "security risk" and closed my account as well as froze my money for 6 MONTHS!!! When I asked what I had done they said it was "proprietary information" and refused to even give me a reason!!! So yeah, use them if you're desperate and stupid, and probably for a while, everything will be fine but just like that when you least expect it (and probably have the most amount of money in your account) they will shut you down without warning or even the courtesy of a reason. Do yourself a favor and FIND AN ALTERNATIVE!

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Scuffed Shoes!

Not only did it take forever for them to even ship out the damn shoes when they finally arrived, they had nasty scuff marks all over. I tried to send them back since they sent a defective merchandise but they refused to provide a return label. Not impressed, not recommending, and never ordering from there again!

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