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Thank God for Competition

I left Sky after a year of paying too much for substandard internet and customer service. It was the best decision I ever made. Both BT Vision and Virgin are so much better, and even though BT service isn't known for being great, it beats anything Sky can offer. They clearly don't get the message though because I still get tons of offers in the post, so now they are killing the planet too.


Great beginning, bitter end!

I have been with Ocado about two years and things were great in the beginning. Delivery guys are friendly and deal with a lot of problems caused by Ocado depots. Quality was almost always good, and customer service was usually very good at refunding charges where there were problems. About 9 months ago things started to take a turn. Late deliveries, missing items, inappropriate substitutions. After providing constant feedback and seeing no change, I am done! I have taken my last delivery and surprise, missing items! Time to try Waitrose delivery so I can get the same great products but might actually get what I ordered. I think Ocado has gotten too big too fast and they can't handle the demand. Good thing I also didn't buy any Ocado shares...


Provider of Amazing Holidays

Without Tripadvisor the last 3 holidays would not have been as great. I love this site. Such great, balanced reviews from people and so easy to use. Given the great things I have learned on this site, I am now giving back and have submitted something like 90 reviews. I hope these guys are around forever!


You can see John Lewis at work here!

Love Waitrose! Most of there stores are really nice, and I actually enjoy shopping in them. I especially love the new Canary Wharf store, although they could use some help with keeping the shelves stocked. Given my experience with Ocado I am now going to give Waitrose a try and I expect to be impressed given my history with Waitrose.

City Link

Good luck with your delivery!

These guys just win the prize as worst delivery firm ever! I have had about 3 deliveries from them ordering from various suppliers. None of them has been smooth. Their people are rude, their call centre staff useless, and there is absolutely no flexibility in delivery time. In the worst case they were to deliver a case of wine, that I never got and they never returned to the supplier. After contacting the supplier, it turned out that CityLink had also lost track of the shipment. I got my wine, delivered by another company, and the supplier dropped CityLink as well. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

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Not your usual telco

I am usually skeptical of most phone companies as they frequently over promise, under deliver, and charge a lot. Orange does none of these. There customer service rather call centre, SMS, or email is great. They are quite helpful, and even suggest plans to you that fit your needs and not their profit lines needs. Although I do have an occasional issue with signal strength in some parts of London, I am a loyal Orange customer because they tick every other box of what I look for in a company.

John Lewis

Others don't even come close!

After over 3 years in the UK John Lewis is easily my favorite department store. They truly have EVERYTHING! Not only do they have a great selection, but their people really go above and beyond. Their website is easy to use and even though they sometimes are priced a bit higher than others, I am willing to pay the extra to get the service and guarantees that they provide. I used to think American stores got it right, watch out USA! John Lewis is coming!


World Class!!

If every company was like Amazon, the world would be a great place. Great selection, amazing customer service, speedy delivery, and great prices. I now use Amazon for ordering things I would have never even thought about ordering online like coffee. Keep up the good work!

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