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Groupon UK

awesome deals, awesome prices

well, i can't speak for groupon UK, but in the US, the groupon products that are offered are great! i've purchased more than a dozen groupons and every place i've purchased for has honored them. (compared to other horror stories i've read from other 'imitation' groupons')


does it get any better?

Without google, who would you use? no one can compare to the searches that google has., and they have the best layout and is pretty much the standard in search engines.
besides that, they are probably the best chance to take over the chat world / social networking with their google+ applications


awesome product

great for dealing with people and vendors on different websites. great to pay with and the fees are nominal. especially great for paying back friends as there is little to no charge for that.

the only bad thing is that a lot of 'spoofs' use paypal and send you spam mail and try to access your you never know who is real or fake.


never need to leave home

when you shop amazon, you never have to leave home. they have some of the best prices available on the web. if you can't find it in your local store, then you are sure to find it on amazon. and better yet, if you become a prime member, you get free shipping on EVERYTHING! from ordering a $2 item to a few hundred dollars worth of products. they are the true 'one stop shop'

great products at inexpensive prices

this is the one place i go for my supplements as they have the cheapest supplements and accessories that i know of. i love doing research and i've done quite a bit when doing my supplements., and they have always been the cheapest...when they weren't, they would beat the prices found elsewhere. their customer service team is top notch and they definitely take care of their customers.
would highly recommend this company (as i've done in the past already)

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