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Be careful.

Be careful.

We spent about £500 with these guys. All items were delivered late. The bunk beds were in a shocking state.

If you read the T&C's you'll see that you are responsible for the cost of returning goods regardless of whatever state they send them to you.

99% of the time, we'll thoroughly check out a company trading online before placing an order. On this occasion, due to a house move and a desperate need for beds for our children (in a nutshell - very distracted), we didn't do our homework.

To be honest we expected this company to default on the order and not deliver. To get our stuff we found that we had to make at least 20 phone calls to their offices, along with a series of e-mails that hinted that we had started a recovery process. The bulk of those interactions resulted in this company being very rude and very defensive.

This particular company was about a day away from us hitting them with a small claim for our monies. I'll go as far as saying that I had put together the claim documentation and just merely had to finalise the process.

Thankfully they delivered what we ordered, albeit with one item in a terrible state. In reflection, we rather accept something than nothing at all.

All of the above represents our experience. It absolutely doesn't mean it will be the same for you.

Waste of space

Ordered £40's worth of food and got a collection of emails from to say all was well. An hour later was wondering where the food was to find an e-mail from (40+ minutes after the order completed e-mail) to say that they have cancelled the order because they can't get in touch with the takeaway. It's just stupid really, I could have driven to the place and been there and back in the time. They are a complete waste of space.

UPDATE: Managed to get this food delivered in the end but via a competitor site. The food was delivered an hour later. To be honest, by the time it came, all of us were too tired and about 90% of the food went into the bin. A lot of messing around.

FURTHER RESPONSE: I am totally amazed by this companies response in so much that it completely ignores the issue. An order was placed via and this company confirmed very quickly that the order had been accepted by the takeaway (and assumedly, being prepared). It took a further 45 minutes to come back and say [paraphased] "nope, we haven't actually communicated with your desired takeaway as we stated previously and that order that you are expecting to be delivered - around about now - isn't coming". I am more than happy to share all e-mails here on this forum.

Coming back with such a vanilla response (as you have below and have used many times before with other reviewers) is an insult that fully warrants my first review and continued stance - which is use you with caution. Just-Eat got the order immediately afterwards for the same takeaway and the food arrived 45 minutes to an hour later.

If I had to put it in several words for your customer services management team then it would be GET A GRIP.

It's vital that, as a company, you don't communicate that you've got an order in place for a customer if you haven't. You seriously can't expect customers to return to you if you let them down. I really don't think you have that luxury as a takeaway brokerage.

03 April 2013

Reply from

Dear Adrian,

It is unfortunate that such a situation occurred after ordering from us. is the medium that provides access for you to order takeaway online and we will handle the communication side of things for you and the restaurant. I hope that you can appreciate that once we successfully communicate your order to the restaurant it is then the restaurants responsibility to ensure that delivery is within a satisfactory time, that the food is of a high standard and you receive your full order. We have a team of staff who carefully communicate all orders and ensure that your specifications are met.

Unfortunately we are occasionally unable to reach the restaurants using their various contact details they have provided to us, and this results in your order being cancelled. We also try to provide the customer with an update on what is happening with their order.

If you do have any specific questions about your order, I recommend emailing our customer service or contacting us directly.
I thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Kind regards,
The Team

Bride & Groom Direct

Total disgrace. Absolutely terrible


Just were do we start. First the order went in on the 1st October for wedding invites for our wedding on the 20th October. They advise that they aim to dispatch within 5 days. Our invites reached us today, the 15th October. The invites had an RSVP date of the 13th October written in them. The company dispatched the invites on the 12th October so would have been fully aware of this. Strike 1.

Strike 2. The quality of the work is a disgrace. The folding of the cards look as if a small child has been left with the task. The cards are some 2cm's more in length for one half over the other. Some of the cards are not cut straight.

Strike 3 - final strike. We contacted customer support via a review from Trust Pilot. Now the arrogance, that can only come from a poor company that really doesn't care much. We are informed by the Customer Services Supervisor <private data removed> that we don't exist, that our poor review of their work would not be accepted and to pretty much go away.

This company is one that you need to keep a good distance from. We personally will chase for a full refund and then sue if they fail to do this.

Here's some information for

Our order number is: 10044700

16 October 2012

Reply from BRIDE & GROOM™ Direct

Dear Mr Murphy,

Thank you for editing your review and forwarding the information we needed regarding your order.

First of all may I point out that when placing an order on our website and viewing the text we ask that this be checked carefully before the order is submitted for print. Once submitted the file goes directly to the print press.

Point 1) We received the order on the 1st October and this was printed - we then noticed that there was no actual time of the wedding ceremony on the invitation wording and tried to contact you via phone.

Point 2) We also noticed the grammar that you used was possibly incorrect ie lower case for street names, place names etc.

Point 3) Out of duty of care to you as a customer we attempted to make contact by telephone on 2 occasions and on our last message we made it clear that we would have to send the order out without making any amendments if we had not heard from you by the 11th of October. We didn't hear anything from you.

Point 4) Order printed and despatched Friday 12th October and delivered Monday 15th October and signed for by Charlene.

Point 5) With regards to the quality of the cards, our cards have a 2mm overlap, all our process samples show 2mm not 2cm. I would welcome you returning samples for us to view.

We have genuinely tried to help by holding your order for query and attempting to make contact via telephone as we did not want you to be disappointed with your invitations due to the time being missing etc.

If you require to contact us further the Bride & Groom freephone line is 0800 316 2016 and the Bride & Groom email address is
Ellen Dobson

Just Eat

Very poor

Terrible service. Used them years ago but stopped for two years because I was fed up with the orders being wrong or not even turning up. Made the mistake of ordering food this evening through this service. 2 hours later the food turned up and the order was completely wrong.

One final note about this Company. You get points when you order food. I currently have 90,000 points (as I have ordered a lot of food over the years). The idea is that the points can exchanged for rewards. Keep reading :)

But here are the two rewards on offer tonight. 5,000 for £5 off some home furnishing company that I have never heard of. Trust the £5 is per offer. And the other one, 20,000 points to put your name in a draw hat for an iPad. What rubbish!

From the top of my head 20,000 is about a £200 spend. So for my £900 spend there over the years I get 4 names into the iPad hat. Sweet, absolutely sweet.

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