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Different rules for diferent airports !

When travelling from EMA to Malaga I was told by a member of Ryan air that I could take a duty free bag on board. On returning from Malaga I was told that I couldn't. I was also charged 50 euros for an over sized bag.....fair dos I paid up but 25% of the luggage was much bigger than mine which I have written to Ryanair about. In the reply I was given all the rules and regulations about an oversized bag which I wasn't challenging and therefore totally unnecessary. So I still haven't had a explanation as to why the other people with oversized bags weren't stopped.I am still waiting for an explanation which I guess when it comes will be a load of 'hot air' like the first letter.
As the the duty free bags I was told that they are doing trials but advised that duty free bags should still be put in the cabin luggage. The Ryanair staff at EMA evidently haven't been tol dof this.

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good delivery times but concerns about payment page

If I am wrong the I apologise but from what I can remember when entering details of payment I don't think there wa a closed lock on the payment page and to be quite honest I was a bit concerned about this..

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