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Never Ever Buy From Asda Online!

Don't buy from Asda online, once they have your bank details they can do what they want. I bought from Asda online twice and both times they ransacked my bank account, processing one unauthorised transaction and over-charging me on another occasion; they told me they would refund the over-charge and nearly two years later I still haven't received it, my bank had to release the funds Asda took in an unauthorised transaction. I have emailed Asda - and Asda's Managing Director - regard them not having refunded the over-charge and they just ignore the emails. There customer service lines for the online store are just as appalling. I still shop at Asda in-store - but I would never ever ever shop with them online again. Don't give them access to your bank account. There have been many times when I have been tempted to shop with Asda online, especially when they have special offers on my favourite champagnes - but I can't afford to have them ransack my account or go through the ordeal of dealing with their customers’ services. I shop online because I am disabled and can't shop any other way, I really don't need the stress of dealing with a company that repeatedly pilfered my funds. I now shop with another online supermarket and they are really good. I have never experienced anything like I have with Asda and I warn all of my friends of my experiences. If it was just a one-off and resolved I could forgive Asda - but it wasn't so I must assume that that is their standard of customer care and interaction. Asda in-store - great. Asda online - don't do it!

Update: Despite my own advice of never buying from Asda online, I did in fact shop with them again at it is total disaster. I am currently on the phone with Asda staff as the status of my delivery says: Delivered. It hasn't been delivered I have the Enfield store manager, who is trying to track down my delivery driver - who won't answer the phone - I have been waiting for 45 minutes. They have just spoken to the driver on his personal line and says he will be delivering to me next - they say that I won't be charged for delivery and will get a £5.00 evoucher - like I'll be shopping with them again! It is 21:32 the driver 32 minutes late (7pm to 9pm slot) at the moment. I will update you.
It is now 22:00 and I still don't have my delivery. They have deducted the money from my account, the delivery status is still 'order delivered' and yet I am still waiting. Nightmare! 22:11 still waiting. 22:23:The last update - almost an hour ago - stated the driver was at Dalston E8 and would be with me soon; even on crutches I could walk from Dalston to my home - so where is this driver? Driver just delivered: 22:33, despite the fact that I clearly have a broken wrist and am disabled and walk with a stick I had to unload my shopping from the crates myself. The driver apologised but said it wasn't his fault, substitions were not made clear: I ordered pre-prepared roasting vegetables they sent me roasting potatoes as a substitute - but didn't tell me. A six case of champagne was substituted and the driver insisted it was better value - it wasn't! He even asked me for a bottle - and ask:"Why?" when I said no. Never again! I only shopped with them online because I broke my wrist, combined with my physical disability it mean't shopping in-store was not an option. Clearly in the two years since I last shopped with them they haven't got any better - the customer service staff from Leyton Mills were very helpful, but this was an ordeal. I just hope they haven't pilfered my bank account again. If the have I'll update you.


Love Amazon!

I just love Amazon. I buy from them more than any store online; apart from the epic range of products they are brilliant at sorting out any problems; I find them very respectful of their customers and take any concerns I have had seriously; it is very clear that they care about the people the a providing a service to. It is pure pleasure to shop with them and interact with them.

Great Company, Great Products, Speedy Delivery!

I am always wary about buying from new companies online. My first order was delivered so quickly on standard delivery that it took me by surprise. I was pleased with what I bought - Religion Union Jack Leggings - ChemicalUK, selling it at around half the price, were the cheapest price on the internet. ChemicalUK really showed their professionalism when there was an issue with my second order; a problem with my internet connection as my payment was being verified meant that my order got cancelled. I was able to re-order the item the next day - no problems with my internet connection this time - I called Chemical to track the progress of the payment they were very helpful and called me back to advise that the payment had been successful. Which was a relief as it was the Religion Slave Dress and was the last one on the site; most women will know that this dress is as rare as gold dust, selling out almost everywhere. It is a dress I desperately wanted and it was - again - around about half price from ChemicalUK. The dress was despatched the same day. Great products, great prices. I love this company.

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