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Not bad.

I have never had any problems dealing with The Hut. On occasion I can find deals there that beat the prices of both and, but those deals are quite few and far between and usually only appear when they have their sales.

They often inundate me with emails informing me about new sales they have running, and if I didn't know better I'd say that they were always running a sale of some kind.

Overall, I'd say that The Hut is acceptable, but it is rarely my first choice when it comes to buying books, dvds, or games.

Good, but they have a long way to go.

I feel that is - more or less - in the same league as Amazon where books, games, and DVDs are concerned. On occasion, their prices are better than Amazon's, but it is quite uncommon in my experience.

I have made good use of their PlayTrade feature which has allowed me to sell a number of books and games that I no longer wanted at very good prices.

There have been one or two occasions in which dispatch and delivery have taken an inordinate amount of time, despite the item being in stock, but those experiences are few and far between.

Overall, I would recommend



This store has it all; disgraceful prices and disgraceful customer service. They are deluded if they think that they can get away with charging such ridiculous prices with the likes of and in the market.
Their customer service is extremely rude and - at one point - I was accused of being a pirate because I wanted to return a PC game that didn't work.



I have dealt with Amazon for a number of years and I have never had a problem with them (touch-wood). Especially now that they have free delivery with all of their items, I really cannot fault them.

The only niggling detail is that it's not always easy to tell which items are being sold by Amazon themselves and which are being sold 'through' Amazon by other companies - to which the super-saver-delivery offer doesn't apply.

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believes that standards are gradually slipping. I feel that it's important that companies are not entitled to get away with inferior service. I want to protect others from going through the same consumer nightmares that I have seen. If just one user finds my reviews helpful and avoids disaster because of it, I'll consider my job done.