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great way to the cheapest oil

I am a new customer of Boilerjuice and recommend them highly. I have used them twice and both times I have been very impressed with the service I received.
The last time I got my oil in 2 days and it was the cheapest around.
I cannot fault the ordering, delivery or prices. A great company.


amazing prices and wonderful customer service

I Have been with three for over 3 years now and I would recommend them to anyone,
I use my mobile all the time instead of my land line as it works out much cheaper. I have a great package with internet and all the minutes I need for a paltry sum and I rarely have any trouble with network. They are great with communication if they need to let you know there is something going on in the area which may interfere with calls (and its not very often).
The customer service is always helpful and answers quickly and always offers me great deals but doesn't nag me if I don't want them.
Go with THREE it's great.

Diet Chef

ok but not great

I sampled the diet chef meals a little while ago and although I really enjoyed the breakfasts they were mostly porridge of some sort and if I had not really been a fan of porridge - what then!
The lunch was all soups which were quite tasty and really filling - perhaps too filling. I would have preferred them not so thick and been allowed bread to eat with them.
The main meals were the problem. Although they were ok, they were not great! I couldn't really look forward to them. Also I had to add veg which I like but I had thought that the whole point of this diet was that it was all done for you. Surely the veg could have been added to the meal?
The little snacks were a winner. I usually ate them in the evening when I was watching tv or when I just got in from work and was starving. All of them were very tasty.
I have not continued past the first week as I love food and I want to really look forward to my main meal. I don't think that Diet Chef will enable me to do this with their present food choice.
I should add that I did lose 4lbs in the week.

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