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The rise and fall of Hotmail.

Like millions of others hotmail has been my email account for many years. It was fast, safe, free and often innovative.
The trouble with many companies they just don't know when to stop tinkering and tweaking a good product, so in the end it ends up anything but!

Now it is integrated with messenger, have many other bells and whistles but it performs its core function really badly. It’s slow often because hackers attack frequently.
It’s definitely designed by a committee who keep reinventing the square wheel.

This is compounded because there is no real customer service, no employee
to take note of users frustration. Ego and an army of yes men have taken a sleak
fast simple service and created non-functioning nightmare. But rather than undo
it they keep just sewing on a bit more….boy would I chew Bill Gates out if I could.

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Sports Direct-international

Very Poor Customer Service

Like many people I have bought many pieces of sports clothing in the last few years from Sports Direct. Obviously the price is the main attraction but until now I have felt the ratio between price and quality was a fair one.

However I bought a pair of black leather Lonsdale trainers on January 5th 2012 and was initially happy with the style, quality and fit. However on Monday July 2nd that changed when I walked a short distance home in the rain, and discovered that both trainers leaked. I took them back on that Friday (once they had dried) and was told by the store that I was one day too late to have them replaced.

At first I thought the manager was joking, after all you could clearly see that other than the leaking soles there was very little wear and tear on them. The soles are a composite design and it was where one material was joined to another that had separated. To me this is clearly a manufacturing fault. Lonsdale brand is actually owned by Sports Direct so they have a vested interest in making sure the quality matches the price. But the company's policy is very much set up to dissuade customers from complaining. A customer has to contact Head office to resolve the issue if the trainers are just one day older than 6 months. Of course many people would just bin the shoes rather than start making phone calls and writing letters. But I am going to fight
for common sense to prevail. Either Sports Direct will replace the faulty trainers or I will continue to look for opportunities to share my horrible experience with other customers.

Very Pleased and Ahead of Schedule!

After using Vistapint several times I wanted to try a different company.
Vistaprint’s pricing start off cheap but by the time you get to the check-out you feel ripped off, especially with their delivery charges.

This was my first time using Flyerzone and I would definitely use them again.
The site was easy to navigate, with plenty of choice, the prices were competitive.
I was very impressed with the speed of manufacture and delivery, which was 3 days ahead of schedule.

My only minor criticism is the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).
In other words the colours of the photos I imported into your business card template were a bit redder on the finished cards than they appeared on the screen.

I would definately rate Flyerzone with 4 1/2 stars almost perfect.

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