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They Lie and don't deliver what they promice

We went to this company and bought two TV's 50" and a 42" LG Plasma's
the service was shocking it literaly felt like I had to sepperate the TV from the unshaved 'sales man' with a debit card. I luckilly researched the TV's online before I went so I was ready to buy but it was shocking. The TV's were even £5 cheaper down the road at PC World but I opted for the nice local company with the shiny showroom. We Paid, one was in stock one wasn't and it was so so at this point.

******* THE MISTAKE FOLLOWED ********

My partner looked online at their sister/same/differently named company direct appliances and we opted for an Indesit Fridge freezer and a matching Indesit washing machine. All brand new and under £500 Bargain so we jumped in the car and headed back to the store with my crowbar/debit card hopeful they would help us.

We paid up £485 that day on the promise the Fridge Freezer would be there in 2 weeks. A long time but we did at this point accept and agree to the wait due to the price. Well Monday the 2nd arrives and we decide to pick up the fridge the very following Friday..... But wait the fridge has come and gone and been sold to someone else leaving us with a wait of a further 2 weeks!!! This is where the magic really happens! I demand a refund and the customer service was nothing short of a disgrace.

1. Refund me I requested.
2. OK I will ring you back in 10
3. After 30 mins, I rang them and the guy had gone on lunch
4. We eventually track someone else down to deal with the refund
5. All done and refunded sir, that will be 3 days back on the card
6. 3 Days later I ring up still no refund and I am told it now takes 10.
7. I now realise they even have separate 'press 3 to chase a refund' phone system so am not the only one.

I know i rant on but I just had to have my say on this company as is took me back the way they trade and I have been majorly disappointed by them, I don't complain often I just really would like people to think twice about using them. they don't have the items, they just retail for larger brands. they are a horrible middle man and the second you have a problem it's as if they glance at their balance sheet to see if they have your money before commenting.


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