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Why do i even bother to buy furniture online??????????

How are these companies allowed to trade? After a bad previous experience with another on line furniture company last year i thought i would give this service one more go. Surely no other company could be as bad!!! Yet here i am again complaining on this site! The start of the order did look promising even a phone call to say the furniture we had ordered wasn't in stock and was offered with an alterantive. Happy with the replacement an email was sent to confirm the order had been placed. It would then be delivered 14 days later!!

Today is day 15. Do i have my lovely new dining table and chairs? NO!! I emailed to ask for an update and delivery date. Shortly after i received a phone call to tell me that the item hadn't reached port yet!!! After being told it was due in on the 6th of December i did become concerned that i would not have my table and chairs for christmas!!! I was reassured that i would have them for christmas! I now await with baited breathe for the 6th of December!!

I just dont understand these companies. Surley it is good customer service to keep the customer updated. A nice apologetic phone call with the explanation i received would have been better than nothing!! Having to chase them myself is just infuriating and certainly not good customer service in my eyes!!!

lets just hope it arrives in this country on the 6th and delivered to me in time for christmas and i dont have to update again on here further!!!

will be back to update!

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