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Terrible Customer Service and Lack of Manners

I am on a business contract, our company has been on Vodafone for many years, my iPhone had some issues within 1year and 1 month of having the phone, and of course it is not covered by warranty. However, Vodafone offer no other way of warranty such as other companies do, e.g. John Lewis offer 3 year warranty on iPads. Bearing in mind the contract is 24 months. While trying to sort this out, or seeing if they can offer me some kind of replacement or cheaper repair rather than the £200 to fix it. (The phone is barely even worth that new now). Their service was dreadful on the phone. When I was told someone would call me back in a specific timeframe, no one did, I kept having to chase them up. This happened multiple time, and their manager defended them. I said if you arrange a callback it is polite to make that arrangement or at least get someone to say that they may need to arrange another time. Service is dreadful and now the account manager is now a team and not just one person. We had a good relationship with our previous manager and the team are useless and only open minimal hours.

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Great - product was sent immediately

Company does everything which it says - great price and product :)



Good pricing, great product! THANKS!


Sent to billing address instead of shipping.

Didn't receive product, so emailed customer service. No reply. I called them up after 8 days and was told I would be called back later. I wasn't that day so read reviews which said they don't always get back to you, they did saying it was sent to billing address. Amateur mistake seeing as paypal says delivery address and you inputed it also.


Stock problems, part master expensive and delivery sucks!

They need to do proper stock checks - idiots, staff unhelpful and lack knowledge! Wait ages for assistance! Partmaster website is rubbish, next day delivery doesn't mention no sat delivery, you pay through the roof for a lousy controller!

Avoid this chain at all costs

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