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If Skadeforsikring

Pay for stolen goods, because that's what insurance companys do..

My bicycle was stolen the other day and because I don't have the original receipt of purchase, IF refuses to pay for it. I bough the bike used and I didn't get a receipt with it, however the previous owner wrote a new ownership contract that named me as the NEW owner of the bicycle.
IF told me this was not enough proof of me ever owning the bike. (At this point I was asking myself what would the proof in my case be then? If you buy a used car you rarely get the receipt of the original purchase with it).

Now, what really pisses me off is that I just recently changed my insurance company from Tryg to IF. I had Tryg for years before (and nothing was stolen from me during that time), but for example, I got my camera broken and they payed for it right away. In that case I had the receipt of purchase but they did not even ask for it, even though I offered to send it in along with the camera.

Unfortunately IF recently offered me a much cheaper option as an insurance company and I was fool enough to change to IF (I really regret that decision now). Righ after the change of my insurance, my bicycle gets stolen, and my new insurance company, IF, refuses to pay - just because I bought my bicycle used and do not have a receipt of the original purchase (by the previous owner). Very much looking forward to changing the insurance company - I do not recommend IF to anyone who would like to get payed if something gets stolen. Now I understand why IF was cheaper than the other insurance companys!

UPDATE! 16/12/2013

After all the hussle of sending messages back and forth with this rotten insurance company, finally I've got an arrogant and nonesene answer from one of their customer service rep. "Well, we're sorry but we will not pay for your stolen bicycle" and that's only because of a missing bloody invoice of the padlock the bike was closed with. I gues people should just stay far, far away from budget insurance companys like this one.

28 October 2013

Reply from If Skadeforsikring

Hi Milán,
you write here on trust pilot, that you do have an ownership contract from the previous owner of the bicycle.
This is new information for us, because when you reported the stolen bicycle to our claims department, you said, that you did not have any documentation for the bicycle or the lock on the bicycle, and therefore we could not help you.
Since you do have documentation, we would like to review your case again, and you will be contacted by our claims department.
Kind regards


Package damaged on a 10.000dkr TV!!!!??? Are you for real?

My package was damaged on arrival. Their fault! They even opened the package of the tv "to see if the tv wasnt damaged" amateurs. will always look out who is the transporter of my order and if i see logistica, well for sure I will not place the order!

redcoon Danmark ApS

Package damaged on a 10.000dkr TV!!!!??? Are you for real?

I´m sorry but this is outrageous! I called the company yesterday and fixed a time of delivery for thursday,(logistica teknik) they didn´t say anything about any damaging! (Today I had to call them again because they did not call me at all even tho they were suppose to!) to ask what time will they deliver the tv and they said that they can´t do it today, only tomorrow. Than again not acceptable! I took the day off from work just to receive the god damn tv and now they say the papckage is damaged but the tv not. Well that is awesome! That means they actually had to open the box and exam the tv???!!! Worst site to buy electonics and the logistica must be the worst deliver in the whole world. What an awful combination. STAY AWAY! Looking forward to see the tv tomorrow but I think it is going straight back to where it came from.

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09 August 2012

Reply from redcoon Danmark ApS

Dear Milán,
I have spoken to Logistica (our logistics partner) about your order and they are sorry about this situation. It was wrong of them to confirm a delivery date before the order had been checked. As soon as we received info from them about the damaged packaging we forwarded it to you. According to Logistica the TV itself had not been damaged and has now been delivered to you. Should you unexpectedly notice any damage we advice you to contact our customer service asap, so we can help you.
Regards redcoon

This is a joke!

Really, Really bad service at Fona!

I recently bought a very expensive Samsung ES8005 tv with Fona xtra insurance for almost 14000kr. The TV was faulty So I returned it. I aksked them if it was possible to get another brand sicne there were so many reports on faulty es8000´s out there. They said no, I can only get the excat same model that I bought. So I aksed them If I can have my money back, than again the answer was "NO" (Note that this was within the 14 days returne period!!!!) So They gave me a "new" one which turned out to be their demo model. It has scratches all over on it´s back from the wallmount they used to hang it in the shop with. Also when I turned the "new" tv on it asked me for a pin-code that was linked to a "Fona" account. The same goes for the WIFI. I could see that the TV has been previously connected to Fona´network. Apperantly They "FORGOT" to mention this to me... I will never, ever buy anything from them. Once I bought a digital camera that was faulty from ElGiganten and they took it back, asked me if I want the money refund or I wanna choose another camera. I didn´t have to choose the excat. same model and all that bull***t Save yourself a headache and don´t buy nothing from them. They don´t respect their customers and really is a joke what they are doing, even tho you are spending a fortune... They are very unprofessional! I even called their headquartes to complain about the whole situation and they said: "we can´t help you from here, you have to go to the shop..." than again a joke. They just want to get rid of you as easy as they can. never every again!
A very dissapointed customer.

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