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Beyond worthless.

Actually -999.999.999/0. So I need something shipped next day and UPS is around $50. I call Purolator and the guy says "$25-30". Great. I get there the next day and he says $40. Fine, still cheaper. He tells me it will be there the next day at 10:30am. That was Thursday...I'm writing this Monday afternoon and it just arrived. Is Monday the "next day" after Thursday? Maybe Purolator needs to hire Rebecca Black as a consultant.

I could have sent it via Canada Post for $24 and had it there by Monday. I could have paid UPS the $50 and had it there the actual next day. And their excuse when I called and spoke to two useless customer "service" people for 40 minutes trying to get a partial refund? "It was held up in Customs". Well, Customs didn't take my money. Customs didn't tell me it would arrive the next day.

But hey, who knew an international shipping company would have to deal with Customs? That's crazy talk! If I'm 3 hours late for work I don't tell my boss, "you still have to pay me cuz it's not my fault there was traffic". He'd laugh me out of his office. If they at least said anything like "oh, it may be delayed due to blah blah" then I'd be 100% fine about it. They REFUSE to take any responsibilty. The twit I got "escalated" to told me "dur, it's in the 22 page agreement on our website so STFU". I didn't use the website. It may as well be on the Great Wall of China. It's not even on the 10 paragraphs of fine print on my receipt. If the website said "we'll throw your package in the trash and use your money for cocaine and hookers" that wouldn't make it acceptable. Man Up.

They will steal your money then talk to you like you're mentally defective. It's that simple. Go FedEx or UPS or Canada Post. Carrier pigeons would be better than these losers.

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