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I can not believe in this day and age that a company can be so unprofessional and unhelpful.I bought my husband a stereo and paid for it to be fitted.We dropped it off to be fitted and on our return were told there was a problem,it did not fit properly and they had broken the dash board(they had tried to stick it back together with super glue!).Halfords told us to take it to a garage for a quote and they would pay.We took it to a garage and the repairs would be over £200,because it was is over £200 the quote has to go to head office.The van will need to go into the garage to be repaired meaning another day off the road.Halfords offer no compensation for their mistake although they do offer maximum of £40 car hire but anyone who uses a van for their living have everything on board they need to work with.I phoned Halfords customer services who told me what they could do and when i said to them i did not think this was ok i asked to speak to a manager he refused to put me through.So at the end of the day a birthday gift has resulted in a damaged van with,the original radio in the van not working,van off the road for 2 days and lots of phone calls.I can not believe i am having to sort out this mess caused by Halfords.I am always a very patient person but the rudeness of Halfords has really made me furious.My advice is DO NOT use Halfords,they have NO customer care,they have no remorse for damaging your vehicle.

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