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Boohoobaby UK

I think a 1 star is being generous

I must say I am really disappointed by the service received from boohoobaby a
We ordered due to being a local company to us ( Stirling) and through your guarantee of 1-2 days delivery.
After the payment made and an email sent to us to confirm, this was the last we heard, no emails to say order is processing, nothing to say that you were late on dispatch, Ive sent emails with no response, It took me to call and ask to be told that the item would go out for next day, although there had been no contact with the warehouse ( this was 6 days later) I said I would be happy to wait as long as it was out for 10th July, so I gave them an additional 4 days for you to get the buggy delivered, yet when i called to make sure on the 9th of July, ther ewas still No contact with the warehouse, I had not been phoned to have this explained, or emailed.
their 1-2 days infact turned into a week and a half and still no buggy

I didnt have a buggy for my daughter as we had got rid of the old one a few days after buggy was supposed to arrive. Her birthday was on the 10th and sadly we could not take her out as planned because of their lack of communication.

I do not understand how they cannot get hold of a Warehouse and it takes over 9/10 days and still no communication with the warehouse or with us?!

I dont even believe they actually had the item

We have asked for a refund by email, again there was no communication via email to confirm this, nor email to say this has been inititated, so we are still waiting!!!

Not even really had so much as an apology

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