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Cash 4 Phones

Good Business Model?

Many people describe this company's way of working a scam. I wonder if it just a planned business model. They offer above everyone else on the market, then offer you less once you have been spun in and if you reject they charge you £9 for the privilege of returning your phone. Either way they make more money on the deal than their competitors or gain £9 minus costs on each transaction. Well that is my experience. I don't call it a scam - I think it is just another business model. To my knowledge, this kind of business model is short lived as news gets out and companies go to the wall. Lets hope.

Memory Foam Warehouse

Comfortable, just like their mattresses

Why can't other companies be like the Memory Foam Warehouse? Yes my order was a day late, mix up at Royal Mail. I contacted the company to ask where my order was, got a very quick response and my mattress arrived later that day. A lot of companies take a couple of day or at least 24hrs to respond, not this company. A very comfortable buying experience and an extremely comfortable mattress.

Good product efficient company

Bought a new fridge freezer and was apprehensive when I read through the comments on delivery and pressure calling to sell insurance. In my experience the company delivered the product without any problems and the call to sell me insurance on the product was firmly refused and the salesman politely thanked me and ended the call.

The product was £100 cheaper than the highstreet price so very happy customer.

29 August 2012

Reply from

Dear Alan Orme

Thank you for your feedback, it is always nice to hear from our customers.

As a company we try to be as competetive as possible and I am glad we could save you so much money, you could put this towards something nice to fill your new fridge freezer.

If there is anything I can help you with in the future, please let me know.


Vicky - Appliances Online


Time for a Yodel national boycott

Every time I have a Yodel delivery I end up going to the depot to collect the item. I have never receievd a proper delivery from them. This time an Amazon order. looking at the the 4000 plus messages on the Amazon blog sharing stories of failed deliveries, I think now is the time to start a national boycott of this company.

Join me and ask who delivers the goods, if its Home Delivery Network (HDNL) or Yodel (Same company) buy elsewhere.

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They use Yodel so do not go there

Amazon are good, but they use Yodel for delivery. Whilst they do I will not use Amazon again. I suggest you avoid any company who use Yodel.


Better than BT Broadband

I know this may make me unpopular, but I have to say that Virginmedia solved my Broadband problem efficiently and effectively.

I left BT Broadband last year when it took them 11 days to get my internet up and running after a fault.

It took Virginmedia one day with a polite and informative engineer not only fixing the problem but also explaining clearly what the problem had been. Cannot fault the service


Reply to reply

Unfortunately the company has tried to contact me on a number I said I would not be on and not on the landline number I said I would be on. Says it all really.

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11 July 2012

Reply from

Dear Alan Orme

Thank you for your feedback, I sincerely apologise for the issues you have exeperienced in regards to your order.

I have contacted you and left a voice message for you, I will be contacting you again to resolve this matter for you.

Kind Regards

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