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Not in the least bit helpful

I bought some bedding from the Exeter store, Debenhams own brand, but needed to return it. I took it back to the Torquay store, requesting a refund which complied with their refund policy which states on the back of the receipt 'we will HAPPILY refund' etc. They refused to honour the refund as they didn't stock that item.

Now, I can understand different stores not wanting to accept returns from concessions if they don't stock them ... but their own brand????

So, even though I was suffering with flu at the time, to be able to comply with their policy of returning within a certain time limit, I trundled back to Exeter for the refund. Having neither the time or the energy to go to the top floor I went to the service till on the ground floor who said I will have to go upstairs with it ..why was it made such hard work??? where is the customer service? it was totally non-existent.

Range of products is OK but customer service ........ don't bother expecting any.



Why is it that we find it acceptable to be charged a 'booking fee'????

If I went into Tesco and bought a bag of tea and was told, thank you, that'll be £1.99 plus £0.50p to take your payment .........I'd go elsewhere ...... well, wouldn't you?

But we all put up with it ...... I was charged a stonking extra £12 for two tickets recently, which were already priced at £60 each.

I think it's an outrage!!!


Gota lurve Spartoo!

An excellent range of unique styles, competitive prices, fast delivery and hassle free returns, what more could you want!


Excellent product

I wanted a water feature for my garden and this fitted the bill perfectly me for me. Especially the colour! I had reservations about putting it together, but it couldn't have been simpler. At night it looks absolutely stunning! Had a confirmation email of my order immediately and my item was delivered well within the specified time. But you want to know the real reason I bought from this site? After searching the net, this company was over £100 cheaper than all the others who stocked the same item!!!

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