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Useful but itchy on the security

I find Paypal to be useful and reliable for paying for goods on-line (where it saves a lot of hassle filling out your credit card details all the time) and I can trust that it is secure. I also like to use it to pay money to people sometimes, like rent to my landlord. The only complain is not too bad, but I wish their security was a little less knee-jerk. I go abroad often and when I am out of the country sometimes security measures stop things from happening. It is a reasonable security measure but can be a bit annoying. Doesn't stop me from using though by any means.


Trustworthy for good service

I buy anything I can from Amazon for a few reasons:
1. Good reviews that allow me to find the good quality reasonable cost products (and avoid the bad ones).
2. Speedy delivery to my door at a reasonable price. (Now I use Amazon Prime, which is even more reason to go to
3. They have a great returns policy. Namely, they make it quite easy to return a product should something go wrong. Most stores you can show up to the store with a receipt and you have to twist their arm for a refund. With Amazon I just print the return shipping label, put it on the box they send me, and drop it in a UPS box somewhere.


They offered to sell me tickets they did not have.

I went to the website and bought round trip tickets from New York City to Milan. They charged my account and then about an hour after I got an e-mail asking for me to call them. It turns out that part of the trip they were planning to sell me (one leg of the return flight) they didn't actually have the rights to sell. They didn't have anything at a comparable price to offer, even with some flexibility in dates. So really they just wasted a bunch of my time with non-existent tickets.

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