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Customer Service ????? Not likely

‎2 packets of butter, 2 packets of cheese, 1 packet of Halluoumi, 1 tub of margerine, 1 pack of brandy butter, 4 pints of milk, 1 spanish chirozo ring, 2 fresh soups, 1 bottle of Branston Pickle, 1 large jar of mayonaise, 1 jar of sweetcorn relish, 1 jar of tartare sauce, 1 jar of Gravalaxas, 1 jar of french wholegrain mustard, 1 bottle of Heinz salad creme, 4 eggs, 1 bottle of lemon juice, 1 bottle of lime juice, 1 bottle of french dressing, 1 bottle of red habanero sauce, 1 bottle of chunky salsa, 1 bottle of guacamole, 1 bottle of sour cream sauce, 1 pack each of orange juice, Apple and Elder Flower, and cranberry and raspberry, 1 bottle of Advocat and 1 bottle of Baileys. 2 garlic baguettes, 1 pack of Gnocchi, 1 pack of Salmon Fish Cakes, 1 pack of burgers, 1 ginger and walnut cake, 5 Chicken En Croute, 3 packs of smoked bacon, 1 pack of chirozo and potatoes, 1 pack of chirozo, 2 chicken breasts with mozzerello, 1 pack of mushrooms, 2 peppers, 1 large pot of chicken stock, 1 pack of Quorn Peices, 1 pack of Quorn fillets, 1 pack of Quorn mince, 1 bag each of blackberries and plums, 1 bag each of peas, sweetcorn, spinach and broccli.

That's what I've lost because Curry's delivered a faulty fridge freezer which they can't replace for 9 days...... and they've offered me £40 to replace it. Wish I knew where they went shopping !!!!!!!!!

The fridge freezer didn't work at all. I spent half an hour trying to get through to their customer service - it put me straight through to the Manufacturers. I gave up and actually drove into the shop, I was originally told that they would have to send an engineer out to mend it. They gave me a local number to phone in the serial number. No one answered. I returned to the shop and told them that I had a contract with them to deliver me a working fridge freezer (If I'd wanted a repaired one I would have had my original one mended). This time they agreed to replace it, but advised I'd have to wait over a week as they weren't in stock. They didn't offer to lend me a working fridge until the new one arrived so I have lost all the goods in there too - they say that they wont refund me for this as I can 'consume' everything. What!! When I told them £40 wouldn't cover the cost of replacing the lost items they told me their final offer was a £50 voucher off another Curry's item - I think that is totally insulting and disrespectful of the hassle and inconvienience they have caused me.

Wish I had seen this site first..... wouldn't have bought from them in the first place with such a dire rating.

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