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As Internet Commerce should be.

I am +50 and have come to use Amazon for all of my Media needs. Customer service has always been friendly helpful and go out of their way to help me leave feeling i have gotten the best deal. Have even adopted the cloud! Its a new way of life with people of there to help me navigate

Internet commerce how it should be!

Works for me and my busy schedule! One less thing to worry about. I receive a notification about a week before my order ships. I've had to change it a few times as my pet's needs change, never a problem. I have come to trust the Petflow company. Best of all, we don't have to lug home large bags of pet food; they are waiting at my door when I get home from work. Opening our Petflow boxes has become a family event. Everyone, and yes the dogs, gather around the "Alpha-dog" to open the boxes! Hugs all around! Great concept. Great execution.

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