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Complete Rip Off!

They NEVER send bills, sign you up for online billing and make you go paperless, even if you specifically request paper bills (which I did because I know what they're like), we moved in in November 2011 and have received 1 reminder bill and that's all until we tried switching (May 2012), I signed up to be able to submit actual readings and submitted every month, as soon as we decided to switch, all of the actual readings disappeared from their system and they're using estimates, they also gave the company we're switching to a closing gas reading which is completely wrong, it's in the 5000s, our gas meter has only just got to 1000s, it can't even be mixed up with the electric as that is only just in 3000s, so they want to charge us for about 4000 units more than we've used. (Luckily the company we're switching to is being very helpful.)
Had a phone call 2 months after sending the final readings, asking for final readings and a letter apologising for us not receiving a final bill yet, a few days after receiving that letter, we get another which is a reminder bill saying we haven't paid our final bill, which shows the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing.
They also, after being told how rubbish they have been, tried to get us to stay with them.
Avoid them at all costs or get ripped off.


Add illegal credit charges, poor customer service

I've been using Jacamo for about 3 years, in the beginning they were OK, fast delivery and because I could pay it off in 1 or 2 payments I didn't get credit charges, suddenly there was a credit charge which I asked about and found out that the rate of interest was ridiculous, I later tried to purchase an item, they claimed it was sent, although my account still said it was processing, I ended up cancelling it, as it never arrived. My next statement I was charged double the credit charge even though I had paid off about half the amount, so queried this and found they had put a credit charge on the item I didn't receive, so they're charging me for credit I never used, as they supposedly reversed the transaction, Unless you want larger clothes and can pay straight out or within a couple of payments, I would avoid them altogether.

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