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T Mobile

Incompetent to the point of being underhand. See the feedback.

My wife has a new contract, she has been cut off without service for days, and we have had no resolution from Mobile to date!

My wife ported in a number from Orange and the port was sheduled to complete on 10th July. According to the process which is available on the Ofcom website the porting process the port happens in three stages across the course of 24 hours. That is why an operator can be allowed 24 hours to complete a port.

Stage 1: The donor operator transfers the number to the receiving operator. (That happened and my wife's number was registered with her new SIM)
Stage 2: The registration of the number on the new network and the appropriate call routing is set up by the receiving operator (i.e T-Mobile). This DID NOT HAPPEN, CALLS (AND TEXTS) ARE NOT DIRECTED TO THE HANDSET
Stage 3: The donor operator ceased the subscription. (This has happened)

This should have been completed two days ago now, so clearly T-Mobile haven't fulfilled their obligations correctly and consequently my wife is unable to receive calls.

But it gets worse.

At the end of the day the port should have completed and hadn't we tried to report the problem to customer services. We were being told to give it a further 24 hours, when the 24 hours was already nearly up, clearly in breach of the normal process!

On the second day tried to get through to understand what the problem was. Was eventually put through to a porting team who blamed the donor operator, but the only obligation of the donor operator is to give out the new number and agree to the date of the transfer. It is T-Mobile's responsibility to sort out the routing.

Called back later that day to be put through to the porting team to ask them why this had not been resolved, and what was being done about it, had to wait 15-20 minutes to get through each time, was asked to explain the problem again each time, had to wait to speak to a supervisor each time, on most occasions who I spoke to didn't know what to do, or who to put me through to and I eventually got cut off and had to ring back and go through the process again. When I got back in touch I was told that there were notes on the account that they tried to ring me back when I was cut off, but they couldn't have been paying attention because they were trying to ring back on the mobile number I had explained didn't work and not the landline number I had left earlier for them to call me back on! When I eventually got through to someone who said that they knew which department I needed to speak to at 9:40pm, they told me that they were closed!

Rang back again the next day, and insisted that I wanted to be put through to a department who could resolve the problem and not be cut off. Was promised that they would make sure that there was someone on the end of the line first before putting me through. Then put me through to a message that then disconnected the call. This happened twice in a row!

Finally got put through to someone who might be able to help me in the "Customer Connect" team within retail care. Hallelujah, it only took about 12 calls and countless hours! They were unable to resolve the problem and unable to give any guarantees when the problem would be fixed, but at least they've got someone to look into it now!

I also raised a complaint yesterday, to get this escalated, but I probably won't hear anything from that for a week!

So my wife has been without service for several days now, and we have wasted countless hours trying to educate T-Mobile on what this problem is, and waiting patiently whilst they try to understand who in their own organisation can complete the obligations that they have failed to fulfil.

T-Mobile has not delivered an adequate network service, and they have not handled the port correctly and shown incompetence in resolving the issue that has further wasted our time.

Just spoke to Shona in the retail care team. She says that the reason my wife's phone won't port from Orange to T Mobile is down to Vodafone. Even through it is T Mobile's responsibilty to accept the port and Vodafone have confirmed that they are not responsible for any porting issues between other operators.

So I asked Shona if she would pass on the information I had from Vodafone and she said they are a back-office and they don't speak to customers and she can't pass any information onto them.

I could try calling next week! No sense of urgency and no internal lines of communication!

I posted this as feedback on the T-Mobile facebook page. So they deleted it! What do you think of a company like this?

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